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1* The whole Fairy Godmother scene, with Helena Bonham Carter stealing the show[[note]]She, quite possibly, is ''on something'' during this scene! Whatever it was, we want some![[/note]] and the film making good use of its CG effects to make the transformations come to life. Special mention goes to Ella's torn dress transforming into a beautiful ball gown, like in the original; much like [[Film/{{Maleficent}} Maleficent crashing Aurora's christening]], it's an already iconic scene that manages to look ''great'' in live-action.* Cinderella's BigEntrance. She's the last one to arrive without an announcement and yet everyone can't keep their eyes off her.* The mice opening the attic window so everyone can hear Ella singing.* During the climax when the Captain makes Lady Tremaine bring Ella downstairs to try on the glass slipper, and Lady Tremaine forbids her, claiming she is her mother. [[ShutUpHannibal Ella responds perfectly:]]-->''You '''never''' have been, and you '''never''' will be, my mother.''** When Lady Tremaine tries to stop the Captain, he flatly retorts that he's the Captain of the Guard following a royal decree. Unless she is an empress, a saint, or a deity, she can't tell him what to do. ** Also before that the Prince revealing that he is in the Duke's party and probably has been all along, just in case.** Ella forgiving Tremaine for all she put her through, prompting a VillainousBSOD.* The confrontation between Ella and Tremaine. When Tremaine made it clear she's exploiting her connection to Ella to gain power, Ella refused. She's putting the kingdom and the prince whom she loves deeply before her own happiness. Anyone would backstab Tremaine but not Cinderella. She would rather be subjugated to abuse than let any harm come to anyone else innocent in the matter.* A meta example: Lily James and Helena Bonham Carter singing [[ "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes"]] and [[ "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo"]] for the movie soundtrack. Unlike ''Film/{{Maleficent}}'' (which featured a darker, more modern rendition of "Once Upon a Dream"), these renditions stick to the classic style of the original songs. Anyone who's a fan of the animated film will surely get nostalgic after listening.* A small but satisfying moment is when Lady Tremaine uses some French, and one of the stepsisters mockingly remarks that Ella won't be able to understand it. Cue Ella casually saying a couple sentences in perfect French.-->'''Lady Tremaine:''' ''(clearly at a loss for words)'' ...Good!* Can anyone deny being on the edge of their seat during the chase scene? From Cinderella rushing out of the castle as fast as her impractical shoes can allow, to the lizard footman taking advantage of his tail coming back to drop the gate behind them, to the reckless driving almost sending them off a cliff. Everyone knows they'll make it, but you could scarcely breathe through the entire thing.* Is there such a thing as a Crowning ''Dress'' of Awesome? If so, Cinderella's dress in this film definitely qualifies. It's absolutely ''gorgeous'', and manages to perfectly capture the spirit of the iconic gown in the animated film without being an exact copy of it. There's just so much detail, and it's simply stunning in every scene it's in. It's hard not to watch the scene where the Fairy Godmother creates the dress, or the scene where Cinderella enters the ballroom wearing it, without going, "''Wow''."* Lady Tremaine figuring out that Cinderella was the mystery woman at the ball, in spite of the godmother's magic, just by sheer cunning. ----


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