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1[[quoteright:250:]]께->''"A world of endless blue..."''께A four-episode {{anime}}, very loosely based on a manga by Satoru Ozawa. The story takes place after the apocalyptic flooding of Earth by EmperorScientist Dr. Zorndyke. With the remaining cities ravaged by Zorndyke's army of [[HalfHumanHybrid fish-human hybrids]] - his "children" and intended heirs to the new world - the last hopes of humanity fall on the remaining submarine fleet, the titular No.6, and [[BrilliantButLazy cadet-turned-slacker]] Tetsu Hayami.께Aired on Creator/{{Toonami}} back in its glory days. After Creator/BandaiEntertainment completely ceased DVD production, the rights are now in the hands of Creator/DiscotekMedia, who have so far re-released the series on DVD and Blu-Ray.께Also available are the video games ''Blue Submarine No. 6: Antarctica'' and ''Blue Submarine No. 6: Time & Tide'', on the UsefulNotes/PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast, respectively. The former takes place during and after the events of the OVA, while the latter is a prequel that takes place a short time before the anime. While both games were [[NoExportForYou only released in Japan]], a fanmade English translation is in the works for ''Time & Tide''.께----!!Tropes:께* AbortedArc: The whole Mutio/Hayami subplot is quickly swept under the carpet after the first scene of episode 4, and the fact that Hayami saved Mutio and vice-versa is never even mentioned when Hayami confronts Zorndyke.* ADogNamedDog: In the Japanese version, Mutio's species is referred to as...Mutio.* AfterTheEnd: All coastal human cities are underwater as a result of Zorndyke's arctic melting.* AllTheOtherReindeer: Mutio isn't exactly popular among her kind for being a pacifist that interacts with a human. Being the only one of her sisters with red instead of blue eyes makes her stand out even more.* AmazonBrigade: Mutio and her sisters, who are elite pilots for the Umigumos in Zorndyke's navy.* AntiHero: Kino.* AntiVillain: Zorndyke.* ApocalypseHow: A Class 1. Zorndyke flooded earth's coastal areas. [[spoiler:And he is planning to turn it into a Class 4]].* ArrowCam: In the fourth episode, Blue 6 fires a barrage of torpedoes down at the Ghost Ship. The camera then cuts to the POV of one of the torpedoes as it races towards the vessel, then fades through the exterior to reveal a surprised Verg as he watches the torpedo make a direct hit, the camera zooming in on him the entire time.* ArtEvolution: Mutio goes through a few tweaks in her design from the third episode onwards. She looks younger, her head is less round, and the red mark on her nose is now a small dot above the tip instead of a line that runs along the entire bridge and joins with the lines on her brow.* BadassFingersnap: Admiral Bayard from the Dreamcast game when he is confronted by Hayami, which cues the surfacing of Submarine X right behind him.* BatmanGambit: [[spoiler: Zorndyke anticipates that Blue Fleet will [[NukeEm launch nuclear weapons against him]], so he rigs the pole shift device to activate if the nukes hit it.]]* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: Averted. Mutio receives a ''lot'' of bruises and scars (including [[EarAche having a piece of her ear bitten off]]) between episodes 3 and 4, even before her NoHoldsBarredBeatdown by Verg.* BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: When Hayami is separated from the Blue Fleet and left drifting in the Pacific, he is saved from drowning by Mutio. Why? Because he saved her in Tokyo Bay, only two days earlier.* BigNo: Verg lets one out in the final episode as Blue 6 bombards the Ghost Ship with torpedoes.* BigSisterInstinct: Kino is hinted to have this towards Huang.* BittersweetEnding: The war is over and the crisis has ended, but it's unclear how well future interaction will go between human and hybrids, or if Hayami and Mutio will ever get back together.* BodyguardBabes: Mutio and her sisters, who are elite pilots for the Umigumos in Zorndyke's navy.* BodyHorror: Katsuma after being mutated. He has an abundance of scars, stitches, and gills scattered throughout his body.* BoyishShortHair: Mayumi Kino.* BreakTheCutie: Mutio. In a span of four episodes, she is nearly killed in battle, later finds out that one of her sisters was killed during that same battle, is sexually harassed by Verg while she's catatonic about said sister's death, loses her friend Red Spot to PoorCommunicationKills, is captured and beaten ''twice in a row'' by her own kind for saving the life of a human, is nearly killed again when Blue 6 bombards the Ghost Ship (where she is being held prisoner) with torpedoes, and survives only to find that her creator was killed by the very man that she saved.* TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive: Zorndyke's navy attacks Tokyo shortly after Hayami turns down Kino's offer to join Blue Fleet.* CastingGag: In the English dub, Mutio's voice actress is Juliet Cesario, whose first name is the same as a [[Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet certain female character]] that's also known for being in a [[StarCrossedLovers forbidden romantic relationship]] with the member of a rival faction.* CatchPhrase: Zorndyke's "daughter" constantly recites a poem from the Manyoshu throughout the OVA. There are only two sentences she speaks that aren't lyrics from the poem, both of which are in her first scene.* CatGirl: A few of these, including a lynx-woman aboard the Ghost Ship, and Zorndyke's "daughter" that recites poetry. Mutio and her sisters also have elements of this trope, in addition to being FishPeople.* CatSmile: Mutio gives Hayami one of these in the third episode, when she notices him staring at her while they're traveling inside Red Spot.* CensorDecoy: When the show ran on Toonami, the censors objected to the line "Go to hell!" by Iga in the final episode. It was replaced by ''"Suck on this!"'', which has ''much'' worse implications.* ChangedMyMindKid: Hayami shows up to save Kino from a rampaging Umigumo, even though he initially turned down her offer to re-join Blue Fleet.* ChekhovsGun: In the first episode, Hayami's first scene has him pointing a pistol at Kino when she enters his apartment. He later uses this pistol [[spoiler:to kill Zorndyke]] in the fourth episode.* ChildProdigy: Huang Mei-Ling is ten years old and operates complex sonar machinery for a military vessel.* ChildSoldiers: Huang again.* CluelessAesop: Something about a cycle of revenge when the enemy really is AlwaysChaoticEvil (good or at least nice members are killed), are killing the remains of humanity, and is enjoying it greatly.* ConspicuousCG: Gonzo were never known for their ability to believably incorporate CG into their animated series. ''Blue Sub 6'' is among their earliest efforts, so one might forgive them in this case - particularly as the rest of the animation is gorgeous.* CoolShades: Deidson and Yamada.* CoolShip: Blue Sub No. 6, and many others.* CuteAndPsycho: The Mutio Twins from the [=PlayStation=] game are cute and playful when they're not fighting. But once it's time for combat, they can become completely AxCrazy.* CuteMonsterGirl: Mutio and the other fish-girls, as well as the furry girl at the end.* CuteMute: Mutio, just about. The only word she can say is [[SayMyName Hayami's name]].* DarthVaderClone: Verg.* DefeatMeansFriendship: After Hayami cripples and maroons her Umigumo, Hayami saves Mutio, and she becomes smitten with him later on.* DefectingForLove: Implied to be the main reason why Mutio saved Hayami at the risk of betraying her own kind.* DomesticAbuse: Verg behaves like this towards Mutio and her sisters.* DragonTheirFeet:** Verg shows up after Zorndyke is killed to give Hayami a beating, but eventually changes his mind and leaves to mourn his creator.** Attempted a second time in the [=PlayStation=] game, when Marcello plots to use Sub Zero's missiles to detonate Zorndyke's pole shift device. However, Verg stops him before he carries through with his plan.* DrivenToSuicide: Dr. Morinami blew himself up, rather than join Zorndyke.* EmperorScientist: Dr. Zorndyke is the poster boy for this trope.* TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt: What sets of the main plot of the series, is Zorndyke plan to reverse the magnetic poles of the earth, thus rendering it completely uninhabitable.* EvilRedhead: Verg, who has a series of red, curly dreadlocks-like hairs on his head.* EvilSoundsDeep: Averted with Verg, who (due to his speech synthesizer) has a screechy high-pitched voice that resembles "[[WebVideo/BennettTheSage the otters from]] ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' [[WebVideo/BennettTheSage if they were Autotuned]]". Played straight for Marcello from the [=PlayStation=] game.* {{Expy}}** Zorndyke is Dr. Moreau, with shades of [[Film/ApocalypseNow Colonel Kurtz]] and [[Film/TheSpyWhoLovedMe Karl Stromberg]].** Yang Chung Ying from the Dreamcast game is an unmistakable stand-in for [[Franchise/ResidentEvil Ada Wong]].* ExtraLongEpisode: The first three episodes have a length of nearly 29 minutes, counting the credits sequences. However, the fourth and final episode is 40 minutes long.* FanService: Hayami's [[ShirtlessScene shirtless scene]] at his introduction and in the third episode, plus Kino's skin-tight body suit, which she often unzips halfway for some cleavage. Mutio speaks for herself...* FishPeople: Verg, Mutio, her sisters, and most of Zorndyke's navy.* FreezeFrameBonus: In the third episode, when Mutio's massive swarm of sisters all scatter back into the ocean when Red Spot arrives, one of them can be seen running perfectly upright on her legs, instead of on all fours like the others.* FriendOrIdolDecision: Implied in the opening of episode 3. Mutio is carrying the dying body of one of her sisters when she sees Hayami's safety capsule floating in the water. Since we don't see the sister's body when she rescues Hayami, it appears she abandoned her sister just to save him. Happens again at the end of episode 3, where Mutio decides to stay with the dying Red Spot rather than go with Hayami to Blue Fleet. This results in her being captured and taken back to the Ghost Ship where she is beaten by the other hybrids.* FullFrontalAssault: Most of the hybrids in Zorndyke's navy are completely nude. Verg himself also becomes this at the end of the fourth episode, during his NoHoldsBarredBeatdown of Hayami.* GettingCrapPastTheRadar:** The TV-Y7 version that ran on Toonami left in Mutio's nudity, albeit with the nipples removed (making it BarbieDollAnatomy) - still, this is shocking considering ''Anime/TenchiMuyo'' had to get bathing suits digitally painted on its nude female characters.** Iga's "Get that damn gate open now!" was left intact in the second episode of the TV-Y7 version, as was Hayami's "Helluva one-way ticket" in the third episode.* AGodAmI: Subverted. Zorndyke doesn't think of himself as one because he thinks he is "not nearly so arrogant as that".* HeroicSacrifice: The Japanese SSGN that attacks the Ghost Ship.* HiddenElfVillage: [[spoiler:There is a village of hybrids hidden behind the mist where the South Pole formerly stood.]]* HighHeelFaceTurn: Mutio.* HopelessWar* HotSubOnSubAction: Most of the fight scenes.* HugeGuyTinyGirl: Verg and Mutio.* {{Hypocrite}}:** Zorndyke believes HumansAreTheRealMonsters and would screw everything up. He was the bastard that screwed everything up and refuses to own up and instead continues on like some StrawNihilist.** The various hybrids show a hatred for humanity, despite the fact that they willingly serve and idolize a human themselves.* InnocentFanserviceGirl: Mutio.* InterSpeciesRomance: Hayami and Mutio. {{Enforced}} or at least friendship for humanity and Zorndyke's creations even though most of Zorndyke's creations are evil/do nothing in the war.* KarmaHoudini: Verg. Despite killing many innocent people in Tokyo, destroying Blue Dome, allowing Red Spot to be torpedoed by Blue 6, and beating both Mutio and Hayami to a bloody pulp, he still manages to get away in the end, with nothing more than a few scars and bruises for his troubles.* LecherousLicking: Verg does this to Mutio and one of her sisters in episode 2, during his VillainousBreakdown.* LiteralChangeOfHeart: Turns out that [[spoiler: Dr. Zorndyke removed his own heart and used it to power the Earth's destabilizing magnetic field]].* MacrossMissileMassacre* MadScientist: How the world view Zorndyke.* MassiveNumberedSiblings: Mutio has dozens of sisters that are all identical in appearance.* MermaidProblem: Averted. ''Implicitly.''* MickeyMousing: HotSubOnSubAction choreographed to bossanova. It's as awesome as it sounds.* MisanthropeSupreme: Why Zorndyke created his fish-people and flooded the world in the first place.* MixAndMatchCritters: Zorndyke's hybrids are made up of human and animal DNA. Often, they sport the features of more than one animal. For example, Verg is clearly a SharkMan, but he also has the eyes, snout, and ears of a wolf. WordOfGod states that Mutio and her sisters have Koi fish DNA, but they also have [[CatGirl a number of cat-like features]].* MsFanservice: Kino and Mutio.* MultinationalTeam: Blue Fleet consists of people from various countries around the world.* NiceJobBreakingItHero: [[spoiler:See below. No. 6, unintentionally, leads Verg and the Ghost Ship right to the secret base of Blue Fleet]].* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown:The severe (though short) beat down Mutio receives at the beginning of episode 4 (and just before the start of the episode) with a sheathed, heavy sword. Leaving her just enough strength to limp-swim away, bloody and injured.** Verg to Hayami at the end.* NonMammalMammaries: All over the place, most notably with [[FishPeople Mutio and her sisters]] and the tree-woman in Antarctica. Justified in that the hybrids were created using human DNA in addition to animal/plant.* NonStandardCharacterDesign: Most of the human characters have realistic designs. Except for [[BigGood Dr. Morinami]], who combines MiniatureSeniorCitizens with MyBrainIsBig in a way that reminds you that you're still watching an anime.* NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent: The English dub has most of the characters, despite being from different countries (e.g. Yuri is from Russia, Zorndyke is from Albania), all speak with American accents. The only characters that actually are American are Deidson and Gilford (the latter having emigrated there from Africa).* NotWorthKilling: Verg was beating Hayami to near-death, until he sees Kino crying with Hayami in her arms. He then no longer has any desires to kill any more humans.* NukeEm: Humanity's back up plan to finish Zorndyke.-->'''Hayami''': "So that's the plan? Nuke the psycho? ''That's'' original."* OceanPunk* OrganicBra: Mutio and her sisters are all naked, but they do have pink wing-shaped appendages growing out of their necks that come down over their breasts.* OurMermaidsAreDifferent: Mutio and her sisters.* OverdrawnAtTheBloodBank: Red Spot spurts extremely large amounts of blood out of his body when he gets torpedoed by Blue 6.* PaletteSwap: Mutio's sisters are all identical to her in appearance, except they have a duller color scheme and blue eyes. The Mutio Twins from the [=PS1=] game are also different colors. One is [[BlondesAreEvil blonde-haired]] with an orange color scheme, while the other has a gray color scheme. Also, the one sister that Mutio finds slain after the attack on Tokyo has pink hair and MonochromaticEyes (though the latter is likely because she died).* ParentalFavoritism: Implied with Zorndyke. He views Verg as a "troublesome boy", [[WellDoneSonGuy underestimates his ability to take care of himself]], and sends him away to fight his war for him. Meanwhile, he keeps his feline daughter close by and teaches her to read poems to him, and praises her when she does so.* PerfectPacifistPeople: Shows up towards the end. RuleOfSymbolism makes the place where they live seem like Heaven. Did we mention they've found by the protagonist at the end of a war?* PirateParrot: Verg has one during a few scenes. It is [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse unknown what happens to it later on]].* PlantPerson: At least one tree-woman hybrid lives in Antarctica. She even has NonMammalMammaries.* PoorCommunicationKills: Red Spot gets torpedoed by Blue 6 just before they learn that he's carrying Hayami, and they only discover this because of Katsuma and Huang.* ProneToTears:** Huang, in spades.** Mutio has a bit of this as well.* PsychicLink: Huang has one with the mutated Katsuma.* PsychopathicManchild: Verg. He wants to please Zorndyke, whom he calls "Papa", but is extremely violent and prone to throwing temper tantrums.* RecycledInSpace: The series is essentially a retelling of ''Literature/TheIslandOfDoctorMoreau'' WITH FISH PEOPLE.* RedEyesTakeWarning: ''Averted''. Mutio has red eyes that more then once glow in the dark underwater scenes, yet she is kind and quite harmless. Her blue-eyed sisters on the other hand...* RoyalHarem: Mutio and her sisters have this sort of vibe with Verg.* SayMyName: "Ha...ya...mi!"* ScaryShinyGlasses: Zorndyke* ScavengerWorld: As a result of many of the former cities being underwater now.* SciFiWritersHaveNoSenseOfScale:** While 1 billion people seems like a lot, given the effects of the flood (enough to half-way sink a skyscraper) it should've killed a lot more. To get an idea: there are about 7 billion people currently in the world.** The English dub over-corrects and claims 10 billion people died. Though they ''did'' mention that humanity basically solved world hunger some time before the war started, so that could explain a population boom.* SecurityBlanket: Huang's stuffed bear.* SelfFulfillingProphecy: Zorndyke believed HumansAreTheRealMonsters and would ruin everything. Naturally he ruined everything.* SexyPackaging: The blu-ray cover shows Kino in an [[ overly sexy outfit]] which she never wears in the anime.* SharkMan: Verg.* ShutUpHannibal: Mutio lashes out at Verg when he yells at her. [[OhCrap It didn't help her situation.]]* SilenceYouFool: Verg in the dub.* SoundtrackDissonance: It's debatable whether the rather discordant, wailing jazz soundtrack fits the tone of the series. However, the more funky parts certainly do make the apocalypse ''[[Main/CozyCatastrophe feel way cooler.]]'' There are some toned down emotional pieces however.* StarCrossedLovers: Though at least it's implied by the final episode credits that Hayami and Mutio will eventually get back together once things finally settle down.* SuicideAttack: The Mutio Twins in the [=PS1=] game launch one against Blue 6, but both of them are blown up before they can do any damage.* SunkenCity: Tokyo. One early episode even features HotSubOnSubAction within the cramped man-made canyons of the submerged skyscrapers.* TitleOnlyOpening: The OVA doesn't have anything resembling the typical anime opening (or any opening, for that matter), instead showing the current episode's title a few seconds into the first scene. Seemingly in compensation, each episode also has a ''three-minute'' credits sequence of Mutio swimming in the ocean (except the second episode, which instead shows an extended scene from the OVA itself of Hayami floating helplessly in the ocean while Mutio looks on) to make up for it, followed by a short preview of the following episode.* ThoseTwoBadGuys: The [=PS1=] game has two sets of these, both working for Marcello. The first set are [[FatAndSkinny Pondo and Gills]], while the second are the Mutio Twins (no relation to the eponymous character, other than being the same species).* TokyoIsTheCenterOfTheUniverse: Tokyo is where the series starts, and where we first meet the protagonists ''and'' most of the antagonists.* TransformingMecha: The Grampus mini-sub.* {{Tsundere}}: Hayami. Mostly tsun.* UnderwaterBase: The headquarters of the Blue fleet. [[spoiler:It is destroyed minutes after it is introduced, by Verg, who followed No. 6]].* UnderwaterRuins: See above. We see mostly Tokyo, but is implied that most of the world is flooded.* VillainousBreakdown: Verg in episodes 2 and 4.* VillainousBSOD: Mutio in episode 2. After being saved by Hayami and finding out that one of her sisters had been killed during the battle, she becomes catatonic for the remainder of the episode. She doesn't even try to run away like the rest of her sisters during Verg's VillainousBreakdown.* WalkingShirtlessScene: Hayami, at several points in the anime. Also, Verg in the last episode.* WasOnceAMan: Katsuma was a human before he was captured by Zorndyke and mutated [[NoodleIncident for undisclosed reasons]].* WellDoneSonGuy: Verg.* WellIntentionedExtremist: Zorndyke.* WhyDontYouJustShootHim: Verg's definition of "banishing" Mutio appears to be "holding her prisoner on the Ghost Ship and having twenty of her sisters guard her, even when there's a battle raging outside", when it would have been ''significantly'' easier to either kill her or ''really'' banish her from the ship.* WhyIsntItAttacking: On the way to Zorndyke's residence, Kino and Hayami find themselves surrounded by a group of hybrids. However, the hybrids don't attack, since the mutated Katsuma shows up and somehow persuades them not to attack.* YouKilledMyFather: Kino loses her father, as well as her mother and sister, to Zorndyke on account of the floods, and has a personal vendetta against him because of it.----


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