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History YMMV / GreyGoo2015

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* NintendoHard: Some players have noted that campaign levels are unusually hard for a modern RTS game, but far from impossible. It is worth noting that even on the easiest difficulty, the game can be challenging in certain missions.
* SoOkayItsAverage: In a time when the RTS genre was comatose at best and ''VideoGame/StarCraftII'' was more or less the only title worth mentioning, a lot of old-school RTS veterans were thrilled to learn that former Westwood personnel (of ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquer'' fame) were releasing a new game that was advertised as a return to the roots. The resulting game did not perform quite as well as expected, leading to mixed ratings across the board due to what some felt as being a short campaign, poor optimization, or interchangable factions.

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