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* SugarWiki/AwesomeMoments: At a celeb party she attends with Maxi, Cannie praises a female singer, only to be dismissed with a crude "If I got a nickel for every fat girl that said that..." comment. Not long afterwards, Cannie confronts said singer and gives her a nickel, telling her she can put it towards her next nose job. This leaves the singer a laughingstock.
* HilariousInHindsight: Due to her smoking habit, Cannie describes Tanya, her mother's life partner, as sounding like Marge Simpson's sisters. A few years after the book, Patty Bouvier came out as a lesbian in "There's Something About Marrying".

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* NightmareFuel: [[spoiler:The scenes following Cannie's fall in the airport bathroom, where she comes very close both dying and losing her child. Joy's state, after being forced into a premature birth, is pretty frightening, to say the least. Especially after Cannie finds Joy struggling to breathe and requiring a ventilator.]].
* {{Tearjerker}}: There's a particularly poignant scene where [[spoiler:Cannie sees Joy with the ventilator and laments that she is unable to hold her baby]].
* TheWoobie: Cannie has this trope going for her. Father walked out on her family, Mother hooked up with an unpleasant person, and her relationship with the seemingly right guy ends with her being alone and pregnant. And then he refuses to acknowledge her, while continuing to exploit her personal life for his popular column.
** There's also Peter, aka Dr. K., who grows to really care about Cannie. He goes without really seeing her, for a time, and his attempts to help her [[spoiler:after Joy's near death]] are initially met with resistance and anger.

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