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* SugarWiki/FunnyMoments: When Jimmy prances around in the library pretending to be a fairy, Kevin throws a book at him and tells him to grow up. It also helps that [[JerkassHasAPoint Kevin was right]].
* UnintentionallySympathetic: The Eds (mostly Ed and Edd). They try to help Jimmy retain his fairy tale beliefs and get punished for actually trying to do a good deed for once. Not only do they get beaten up for Sarah and Jimmy's amusement, they also get an embarrassing picture of them in fairy tale get up thanks to Kevin (which also means he was in on the scam the whole time despite evidence to the contrary).
* UnintentionallyUnsympathetic: Jimmy (and Sarah). During the very first scene of the episode, Kevin is casually minding his own business - in fact we can clearly see that he's trying to study/work on a school assignment that he needs to pass to stay on the sports team. What do Sarah and Jimmy do as a response to Kevin telling them to "pipe down he's trying to study"? Sarah brushes off Kevin's remark with a "Eh whatever" look, then proceeds to scream at the top of her lungs while reading each page of the fairy-tale book to Jimmy solely to irritate Kevin. We're suppose to feel sorry for what happens to Jimmy afterwards, but had Jimmy and Sarah not bothered Kevin, Jimmy would've never been in the mess to begin with.

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