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* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: As a RandomEventsPlot, it features a lot of these.
** When Monica loses her bike in the lake, Creator/MarlonBrando[[note]]Not literally him, just some guy playing him.[[/note]] comes out of the water riding it, tells her to fuck herself and drives off. Yeah... [[FlatWhat what.]] (This is an interesting example in that the loss of the bike has huge consequences for the main characters... which happen because MARLON BRANDO CAME OUT OF THE WATER AND STOLE IT.)
** In the train scene, Monica and Claudia are being chased, and when the chase moves outside, the movie suddenly turns into a [[{{Retraux}} parody]] of a Creator/BusterKeaton or Creator/CharlieChaplin movie, ending when they fall off the train into a river.
* LesYay: Monica and Claudia. See AmbiguouslyBi and {{Tsundere}}.
** In the {{Retraux}} scene, they dance and Monica dips Claudia. It's a BigLippedAlligatorMoment inside what was already a BigLippedAlligatorMoment, but shippy nonetheless.
** There's a surprisingly touching scene near the end, before Monica reaches her goal, where they say their goodbyes and Monica tells her "Perhaps one day I'll come back and get you." Claudia decides to follow her anyway and when she finds her helmet abandoned on the street she clutches it against herself. Later, Claudia finds where Monica has gone, and when she sees her being abused by her boss, Claudia runs to her as if trying to protect her, though Monica stops her.
* ValuesDissonance: Tex, a little boy, smokes. Neither Monica or Claudia remark upon it.

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