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* DownerEnding: His death in a car accident at 34.

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* TheCorrupter: Helped accelerate Wrestling/PaulOrndorff's FaceHeelTurn against Wrestling/HulkHogan.

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[[caption-width-right:200:His original persona.]]

Keith Franke (September 15, 1953-July 4, 1988) was an American {{Professional Wrestl|ing}}er as Adrian Adonis. He debuted in 1974 as Keith Franks and worked for various territories. It was Wrestling/RoddyPiper who turned him into Adrian Adonis while wrestling in Los Angeles. He died in a car crash in 1988.

As for his in-ring achievements, he was a 1x [[ NWA PNW Tag Team Champion]] with Ron Starr, a 2x [[ NWA (Los Angeles) Americas Tag Team Champion]] as Keith Franks (1x w[=/=]Black Gordman, 1x w[=/=]Roddy Piper), a 1x [[ NWA (Los Angeles) Americas Heavyweight Champion]], a 1x [[ AWA World Tag Team Champion]] with Wrestling/JesseVentura, the inaugural [[ SCW (Southwest) World Heavyweight Champion]], a 1x [[ SCW Southwest Heavyweight Champion]] and a 1x [[ WWE World Tag Team Champion]] with Dick Murdoch,

!! "Golden Boy Tropes":
* AlliterativeName: '''A'''drian '''A'''donis
* BadassBiker[=/=]HellBentForLeather[=/=]BrooklynRage: This was how he was originally portrayed.
* CampGay: His gimmick as "Adorable"
* FatBastard: Reportedly, the "Adorable" gimmick was punishment for getting out of shape.
* FinishingMove: Good Night, Irene (Sleeper)
* GorgeousGeorge: Specifically, a homage of Wrestling/ExoticAdrianStreet.
* PowerStable:
** (in Wrestling/{{WWE}}): [[Wrestling/BobbyHeenan The Heenan Family]]
** (in [[Wrestling/AmericanWrestlingAssociation the AWA]]): [[Wrestling/PaulHeyman The Dangerous Alliance]]
* RealMenWearPink: And makeup.
* RedBaron: "Golden Boy, "Adorable"
* TagTeam:
** (in the AWA): The East-West Connection, with Jesse Ventura.
** (in WWE): The North-South Connection with Dick Murdoch.
* TalkShowWithFists: "The Flower Shop," until "Rowdy" Roddy Piper destroyed it.
* TraumaticHaircut: Gave Brutus Beefcake one, but he retaliated by shaving Adonis bald..

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