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''Windy Day'' is a 1968 animated short film (nine minutes) directed by the husband-and-wife team of John and Faith Hubley.

It stars their children, Emily and Georgia Hubley. The cartoon shows two children wandering about the shore of a lake. Emily starts up "the play", a little make-believe story they have about a prince going off to rescue his imprisoned sister, but a bored Georgia wrenches the conversation in different directions, ending with a surprisingly profound meditation on death.

The conversation sounds impromptu but was actually done by the Hubley girls in a recording studio with prompting from their parents. Compare 1959's ''WesternAnimation/{{Moonbird}}'', another Hubley short that used the voices of their children (in that case, their two sons).


* CrossCastRole: InUniverse. In the play they act out the story of a handsome prince that goes off to rescue his sister, who is being held captive.
* DragonHoard: The sisters' tale of the adventurous prince involves him stealing a treasure from a dragon. The dragon keeps his treasure in the bathroom.
* DreadfulMusician: She admits it! After Emily toots on a recorder off-key for a while, she says "I can't play too well."
* DueToTheDead: The girls discuss the time they found a dead rabbit and buried it, staging a full funeral. This leads to thoughts of death, and a giggling Georgia imagining her sister as an old lady, then making a surprisingly profound observation: "When you're done grow up, you die."
* EyesDoNotBelongThere: When Emily as the prince says she'll poke out the eyes of Georgia the dragon, Georgia shoots back that it won't work, because her dragon has eyes in its feet.
* FatherIWantToMarryMyBrother: DiscussedTrope after the girls act out the prince rescuing the princess. Emily says "Do you want to marry me?" Georgia declines.
* LimitedAnimation: John Hubley pioneered LimitedAnimation at UPA and this short has the typical Hubley look, with watercolors against a simple sketched background.
* RealLifeWritesThePlot: Georgia Hubley really did get bored with the scripted "play" the kids were supposed to be doing, and really did go on a tangent about the two of them transforming into a giraffe and a kangaroo. Emily's frustration ("You don't want to do the play?") is real.
* TitleDrop: While in character as the prince in the play, Emily says it's "a windy day outside!"

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