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''Super Lolwut Mario Bros. 2'' is gameplay footage of the game [[VideoGame/SuperMarioBros2 Super Mario Bros. 2]] edited [[PlayedForLaughs for laughs]], divided in 8 worlds. As one might expect, it is the [[SincerityMode not-long-awaited-at-all]] sequel to [[WebVideo/SuperLolwutMarioBros Super Lolwut Mario Bros.]]. The work is more serious than its predecessor. Watch ''Super Lolwut Mario Bros. 2'' [[ here]].

!! ''Super Lolwut Mario Bros. 2'' has examples of:

* AlternateDimension: This installment takes place in the world of [[VideoGame/SuperMarioBros2 Super Mario Bros. 2]], which seems to be a completely unknown world.
* LaughTrack: [[AvertedTrope Averted]]. With the amount of StockSoundEffects used in [[WebVideo/SuperLolwutMarioBros the previous installment]], you'd expect it to return in this one. ''It doesn't.''
** [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] because the in-universe audience that keeps laughing is simply not aware of the existence of the world of [[VideoGame/SuperMarioBros2 Super Mario Bros. 2]], which seems to be some kind of AlternateDimension.
* MemeticMutation: Like its predecessor, the ''entire'' work is centered around this.

(More examples will be added later.)

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