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* FloatingLimbs: Plumpy has floating hands separate from his eggplant body.

--> [[spoiler:'''Broclotron''']]: ''"Choo, choo, all above the pain train. Next stop, Bento Banana-" *whacked in the head by [[spoiler:Plumpy]]*''


--> [[spoiler:'''Broclotron''']]: ''"Choo, choo, all above aboard the pain train. Next stop, Bento Banana-" *whacked in the head by [[spoiler:Plumpy]]*''

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* BlandNameProduct: Mochiflix is an anime streaming service whose name is a play on Creator/{{Netflix}} (a streaming service that serves anime).

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* AndShowItToYou: [[spoiler:President Rei holds Bento Banana up to the lockers after he tries rushing towards Plumpy and pulls out Bento's heart right in front of him. Then after the girls [[OminousVisualGlitch freakishly glitch out]] for a moment and Plumpy runs away, Rei then crushes Bento's heart, but he's still alive despite that.]]
* AntagonistTitle: The first episode, "The Wrath of Broclotron" is named after the episode's antagonist, Broclotron.

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''Bento Banana'' is a SciFi DarkComedy animated web-series created by Creator/AriGrabb, with the first episode published in 2018.

The series stars the titular Bento Banana and his OnlySaneMan companion, Plumpy, who are within a procedurally generated anime run by an enigmatic director in the real world. Yet, something is causing the characters within the anime to not go down their intended route, leading to surpising and horrific outcomes.

''Bento Banana'' takes a jab at typical anime tropes and often twists them for darkly comedic effect.

The series can be watched on Ari Grabb's [=YouTube=] channel, starting with the [[ first episode, here]].

!!Go Tropes! Go! Go!
* AlliterativeName: The titular '''B'''ento '''B'''anana.
* AnthropomorphicFood: The main cast of the anime consists of anthropomorphic food. Bento Banana and Plumpy are just fruits with limbs and faces while others (such as Broclotron in "The Wrath of Broclotron" and some of the school girls in "Doki Doki Artichoki") have food heads on top of humanoid heads.
* ChickMagnet: [[spoiler:In an attempt to get Plump to stop rejecting the anime reality, the Director activates a Doki button to reach maximium Doki. This leads to every girl in the school (including the not-so attractive lunch lady) heading towards Plumpy and being overly affectionate towards him.]]
* KilledMidSentence: [[spoiler:Broclotron makes an one-liner as he's about to attack Bento Banana, only to get bashed in the head with a baseball bat mid-sentence by Plumpy.]]
--> [[spoiler:'''Broclotron''']]: ''"Choo, choo, all above the pain train. Next stop, Bento Banana-" *whacked in the head by [[spoiler:Plumpy]]*''
* InnerMonologue: In the first episode, Bento Banana has an inner monologue as he fights Broclotron, commenting on his speed and attacks.
* {{Nosebleed}}: When Wingcaptain Hatsumomo shows up in the second episode, Bento Banana gets a nosebleed upon seeing her despite not having a nose.
* ProsceniumReveal: The fact that Bento Banana and Plumpy are within a procedurally generated anime is revealed in the first episode after [[spoiler:Plumpy bashes Boclotron in the head]] where it cuts to the Director in the real world screaming about why [[spoiler:Plumpy killed Boclotron.]].
* ProtagonistTitle: The series is named after its protagonist, Bento Banana.

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