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* Confirmed, as of Season 2.


* Confirmed, as of Season 2.2.

[[WMG: Zoe's actually a terrible surgeon.]]
We never see her perform any serious medicine--she only seems to give advice and, once in a while, sew up a wound. Perhaps she didn't miss out during the first episode because she lacked heart, maybe because it was because she sucked. Except in Bluebell, the medicinal needs of the town are so limited that it doesn't matter.

[[WMG: Zoe's past will come back to haunt her.]]
Because it would be hilarious to see more city folk trying to adjust to Bluebell.

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[[WMG: Wade will cheat on Zoe, and soon.]]
The love triangle between Wade, Zoe, and George is one of the main draws of the story. At this point, the only way for George to still be a threat to Zoe and Wade would be if the aforementioned couple broke up. What would be the thing that was drastic and hurtful enough to break them up without it being another case of Zoe messing up? Wade reverting back to his old ways and cheating on her.
* Confirmed, as of Season 2.

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