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''Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands'' is a {{Robinsonade}} [=RPG=] by Rokaplay. It was released in 2019, on [=PC=], [=PS4=], Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

You play as the child of Charles, an experienced sea captain who leads a crew of seven; Fiola, Logan, Sven, Fritz, Brenda, Teresa, and Cecilia. You joined them on a voyage to distant lands, far from the crowds and grime of the city...but a disastrous shipwreck strands you all on a tropical archipelago. Worse, it scatters the crew across five islands, and injures Charles so badly he's bedridden. It falls to you to reunite the crew, and to unravel the mystery of the archipelago's former inhabitants...

The game received lukewarm reactions by critics. Most commonly praised was its art design, relaxing atmosphere, and mid-to-late gameplay depth. Its flaws were its highly linear plot, slowly paced story, and frustrating stamina mechanic.

!! ''Stranded Sails'' includes the following tropes:

* AcceptableBreaksFromReality: Experimenting to discover recipes does not consume resources.
* {{Bookends}}: [[spoiler:Should the player choose the "Leave" option]], the game begins and ends with Charles asking them to unfurl the sails of a ship.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: Cecilia is quite standoffish, but- as Fiola lampshades- she agreed to be stuck on a ship with the crew for a long time, so she must have ''some'' affection for them.


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