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shimaspawn is a female troper. Her spelling is British and she has slight OCD that leads to her organizing trope examples when she's bored.

shima is also a [[KnowTheStaff mod]]. Feel free to PM her with any issues.

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* {{Bowdlerize}}
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* CoveredWithScars - Launched from abandoned YKTTW
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* LivingShip - Rewrote after split
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* UterineReplicator


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* ''TheLegendOfZelda'' series only ever seems to include fire, ice, and, optionally, something else. ''A Link to the Past''[==] contains three elemental medallions -= Bombos (fire), Ether (ice) and Quake (earth) -- as well as elemental rods of fire and ice. ''Ocarina of Time''[==]'s elemental arrows come in fire, ice and light varieties.
** If puzzles and the Cane of Somaria are to be believed, blocks are the fourth ''TheLegendOfZelda'' element.

* ''KingdomOfLoathing'' has hot and cold elements, but lightning doesn't enter into things; instead, you get sleaze, stench and spooky.

* And the non-''{{Pokemon}}'' non-FinalFantasy ''Mystery Dungeon'' games.

* Some ''[[SuperMarioBros Mario]]'' [=RPGs=].
** Not all, though. In the ''PaperMario'' titles, Ice and Fire based attacks do more damage to the few enemies of the opposite kind, and a select few enemies are immune to the defense-ignoring electric attacks.
** Meanwhile, ''MarioAndLuigi'' had Mario able to learn Firebrand and Luigi Thunderhand, with Ice being left out of the equation.
** [[TheHecateSisters The Shadow Sirens]] had their respective powers themed this way in ''Thousand Year Door''.
** ''SuperMarioRPG'' plays it ridiculously straight, with the addition of "jump". Mario uses jump and fire; Mallow uses water and lightning. Geno uses holy magic. Bowser and Peach can do all four of the statuses that you can inflict on enemies, though.
* ''BlueDragon'' only used the four classical elements (earth, air, fire, water) plus light and dark.
** So did the game ''Quest64''.
* The online RPG ''[[ Murkon's Refuge]]'' has the three elements of fire, ice,... and poison, probably because some monsters have elemental breathing attacks and it wouldn't make much sense for one to breathe lightning bolts from its mouth as opposed to, say, breathing a toxic cloud of gas upon the adventurers.
* ''{{Grandia}}'' took four elements (the traditional four: Air, Fire, Water and Earth) and allowed you to combine them at higher levels. Air + Water became Ice, Air + Fire became Lightning, Fire + Earth became Explosion and Water + Earth became Forest.
* ''{{Fable}}'' has fire and lightning, but no ice.
** Until the third game that is, in which it plays this straight
* While it's mostly played straight in Pokemon (see the above examples in "played straight"), this trope is averted with the starters of every generation, who instead use the trio of fire/water/grass.

* Partial aversion in the ''FireEmblem'' series. It uses Fire ''Wind'' Lightning instead, though wind does have some ice spells for some reason.
* Most NipponIchi games (''LaPucelle'', ''{{Disgaea}}'', etc...) use Fire, Ice, and ''Wind'' instead. Lightning is a secondary element (or considered "colorless"), if used at all.
** They've been calling the fourth element 'Star' since Disgaea. And the elemental weakness of enemies are random, changing each time you visit a map. First-tier Mages are the primary exception, always resiting their utilized element.

!!Non-video game averted examples:

* In the tabletop RPG ''{{Exalted}}'', Fire is its own element, but ice and lightning are just two potential expressions of the same element, Air. The other elements in the game are Water, Earth, and Wood.
* Oddly inverted by ''{{GURPS}}''; lethal damage caused by fire, lightning and flash freezing are ''all'' classified as burning damage. Fire is normal burning damage. Lightning is burn with the surge modifier. Extreme cold is burn without the incendiary effect.
* German tabletop ''The Dark Eye'' uses 6 elements, earth (life), rock (sturdy), ice (death), water (flowing of energies), fire (heat, impulsive) and air (movability). A 7th element got released to use by everyone in ancient times: magic/mind.

* Subverted in ''BobAndGeorge'': The lab is attacked by three giant robot bugs, whose attacks are, respectively, Fire, Ice, and...Leaves.

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