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[[caption-width-right:350:Fresh from HalloweenTown!]]

Brought to you by [[TropeCo/TropeCo Trope Co.'s®]] Toy-manufacturing division with the SlidingScaleOfLivingToys: The ScaryJackInTheBox™!

Does the thrill of a JumpScare you'd find in a regular, everyday Jack-in-the-Box not enough to thrill your child anymore? Well our new ScaryJackInTheBox™ can up the anti! Watch as the lever turns itself when only you are watching. Enjoy the blinky-blocky off-key tune as it moves and allow your child the proper cardio your growing boy or girl needs as they are chased around the house with a knife. Get it in all three models: MonsterClown, KillerTeddyBear and DemonicDummy!

Get in the mood for Christmas time with the ScaryJackInTheBox™!

[- TropeCo/TropeCo® is not responsible for any all all injuries or death that happens to any of your pets or loved ones, nor are we to reimburse you in the very likely event that damage is made to your property caused by ScaryJackInTheBox™.-]

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