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* ContractualPurity: ''Averted'' and PlayedStraight at the same time. Yoshiki is one of the few people in the Japanese music scene that can do almost whatever he wants either artistically or in his personal life and get away with it, if not cheered on for it, which ''should'' give him ultimate creative freedom for Violet UK. However, the bread and butter of current Violet UK work seems to be for commercials and films, both of which have at least some limits (e.g. more instrumentals, no BDSM) ''and'' which force him to maintain a better reputation (and to overcome the reputation of being a procrastinating perfectionist that will happily run a project way over time and over budget to get it right.)
* '''DevelopmentHell''': Violet UK has existed in some form since ''2000'' but in a case of a LongRunner that produces very little output, has only had a few songs (most of which were made for films or commercials or the like) and appearances at Music/XJapan concerts as mostly a fashion show set to some background electronic/instrumental music, and while an album has been promised since 2007 or so, it never comes into existence. Most of this is due to Yoshiki's perfectionism as an artist.
* TrollingCreator: Some people suspect Yoshiki and the entire project to be this due to its never seeming to get out of DevelopmentHell.

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