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* FollowTheLeader: The series started as heavily derivative of ''VideoGame/AceCombat'', though with more realistic elements such as cockpit-only view, flares, multiple radar ranges and the ability to outfit your plane with different real ordonances.
** DerivativeDifferentiation: ''MAX'' shifted the mechanics further toward realism and the last two games overhauled the setting, although this could also be interpreted as a response to ''VideoGame/AceCombat3'''s futuristic settings (The Neucom Megafloat in ''Ace Combat 3'' and the mega-floats in ''Lethal Skies'' are conspicuously similar).
* NoExportForYou: ''Sidewinder 2'' and ''Sidewinder MAX'' were not released outside Japan despite featuring extensive English voicework. Creator/{{Titus}} planned to release ''MAX'' in Europe under the name ''Iron Eagles MAX'', but this release was cancelled.
* RecursiveImport: The original game was rereleased in Japan under the title ''Sidewinder USA'', with the changes to the North American localization added.

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