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  • Follow the Leader: The series started as heavily derivative of Ace Combat, though with more realistic elements such as cockpit-only view, flares, multiple radar ranges and the ability to outfit your plane with different real ordonances.
    • Derivative Differentiation: MAX shifted the mechanics further toward realism and the last two games overhauled the setting, although this could also be interpreted as a response to Ace Combat 3's futuristic settings (The Neucom Megafloat in Ace Combat 3 and the mega-floats in Lethal Skies are conspicuously similar).
  • No Export for You: Sidewinder 2 and Sidewinder MAX were not released outside Japan despite featuring extensive English voicework. Titus planned to release MAX in Europe under the name Iron Eagles MAX, but this release was cancelled.
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  • Recursive Import: The original game was rereleased in Japan under the title Sidewinder USA, with the changes to the North American localization added.

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