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* WhatCouldHaveBeen: The album was originally planned to be released under the band name Cinema, but there was already another band using the name.

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* ExecutiveMeddling: The label insisted on releasing the album as a Yes album instead of a Cinema album because the core of the band had reformed, plus there was already another band using the name Cinema. This is probably one instance where it worked in the band's favor.

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* BlackSheepHit: "Owner of a Lonely Heart" is much different from the band's progressive output.
* CareerResurrection: The album was the first big hit for the band after Jon Anderson's and Rick Wakeman's departures, and the controversial (but later VindicatedByHistory) ''Drama''. [=AllMusic=]'s retrospective review called the album "a stunning self-reinvention by a band that many had given up for dead."

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