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* CompletelyDifferentTitle: In Poland, the film was titled ''Mroczna Dzielnica'' (''Dark District'').
* FatalMethodActing: During filming in Hamilton, a van was being towed along a street upside-down as part of a chase scene; stuntman Chris Lamon and another man were supposed to roll safely out, but Lamon apparently struck his head, and died six days later. Todd Schroeder suffered a concussion in the same incident. The scene was re-shot with the van moving slower and the stuntmen placed differently.
* HostilityOnTheSet: Music/{{DMX}} did not enjoy working with Creator/StevenSeagal, describing him as a "dickhead".
* OldShame: Creator/EvaMendes called this a "terrible movie".
* ThrowItIn: According to Stephen Quadros, the fight scene between Creator/StevenSeagal and Creator/MichaelJaiWhite was not choreographed in advance; Seagal and White ad-libbed it during production.

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