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* RoleReprisal


* RoleReprisalRoleReprise:

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* RoleReprisal
** Josh Craig first appeared in a supporting role as Captain Mike Jackson in ''Film/CaveWomenOnMars''
** Josh Craig also briefly reprises his role as Professor Jackson from ''Film/TheMonsterOfPhantomLake'', ''Film/ItCameFromAnotherWorld'' and ''Film/CaveWomenOnMars'' in voice-over.

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* YouLookFamiliar
** Josh Craig once again plays the role of Captain Mike Jackson from ''Film/CaveWomenOnMars'' and reprises his role as Professor Jackson in a voice over.
** M. Scott Taulman has a brief cameo as Captain Jackson's former best friend, Gustav. He's the spitting image of his father, Canoe Cop Sven.

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