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* Rei [[spoiler:miscarriaging her and Kensuke's baby.]]


* Rei [[spoiler:miscarriaging miscarriaging her and Kensuke's baby.]]

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Tear-jerker moments in ''Fanfic/WalkingInTheShadowOfDreams'':
* After Third Impact Asuka's mental scars worsened. After her big freak-out she returned to Germany, convinced that she she burnt all her bridges in Japan and everyone hated her. She spent around a decade in Europe, trying to recover, feeling lonely and unloved, thinking the only people had cared about her considered her a psychotich nutcase.
* Shinji spends the night beside a drunken Asuka while she weeps and cries, telling she is a failure, nobody cares about her, and she is incredibly frightened of becoming like her mother.
* Rei [[spoiler:miscarriaging her and Kensuke's baby.]]

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