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* The Soviet Holocaust in general.


* The Soviet Holocaust in general. Seeing the Soviet nation become as bad as the Nazis is just horrific.

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* The suffering of the Chinese people due to Mao's policies and the brutality of the Red Army.

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In the world of Twilight of the Red Tsar, it is hard to find a scenario that doesn't make you choke up.

* The Soviet Holocaust in general.
* The interview with Omar, a Christian Egyptian cab driver, who recounts his country's descent into a Wretched Hive. Even with the crippling poverty and the insanely cruel crimes against humanity, something that stands out is the tale of his brother living in Israeli-occupied Sinai with his sick wife. After the constant stream of antisemitic propaganda, he was terrified of what the Jews would to do them. He was shocked that they left him be, let him keep working his job, and, after his wife died, he received nothing but condolences from them. They treated him better than his fellow countrymen ever did, which lead to him and Omar questioning everything they knew. In the end, Omar admits he just wants the country he grew up in to come back.

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