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* The ''Hänsel & Gretel'' chapter, in its entirety. [[WordOfGod Kaori Yuki]] purposefully made the chapter very serious and dark, because she found the original fairytale - with the kids being abandoned in the forest - to be a horrible thing to happen. Aside from the premise of the story being sad, the events in it are worse.
** Hänsel uses ''his'' bread to line the path with crumbs, just so his sister would have food.
** Hänsel taking physical, and brutal, abuse by the 'angel' woman, if she gives Gretel food, water and shelter in exchange.
** Gretel's guilt of feeling at fault for her brother taking a hit from their abusive mother, which left him scarred.
** Even their later appearances, they lament how they had to give up their fantastic view of the world, in order to survive and basically sold themselves for money. Even if this includes trying to kill Ludwig, who was actually very kind to them.
* A happy one, at the end of the ''Rapunzel'' chapter, when Rapunzel is reunited with Silvio, after she learns that he broke his engagement with the woman his mother had chosen and was trying to repent for how he treated her. And her tears hit his eyelids, curing his blindness.

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