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History Recap / XMenS4E1OneMansWorthPar1

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!!This episode provides examples of:
* AdaptationalBadass: Alt-Beast whom is supporting some sort of PoweredArmor. Also alt-Magneto whom was able to completely destroy robots with only using magnetic energy while his mainstream counterparts was [[Recap/XMenS1E13TheFinalDecision nearly killed]] while fighting against Sentinels.
* AdaptationalHeroism: Sinister and even Holocaust are seen as members of the Mutant Resistance in the alternate reality.
* AdaptationalVillainy: The Avengers from the other timeline oppose the X-Men and fight in the side of the humans. Adverted with Beast, who is working for LaResistance instead of Apocalypse and his cult.
* AdaptedOut: Even though the alternate timeline is based on the ComicBook/AgeOfApocalypse, Apocalypse doesn't appear and the war is between mutants and humans instead of Apocalypse and his mutant supremacist followers against humans and the rest of mutants.
* AlternateRealityEpisode: Most of the episode takes place in the altered timeline in which Xavier was murdered before he became an activist for peaceful mutant-human coexistance.
* AlternateTimeline: Obviously.
* AnimatedAdaptation: Of the ''ComicBook/AgeOfApocalypse'' comic book series. Many characters have cameos with their [=AoA=] costumes.
* BadassGrandpa: Magneto, as the leader of the alt-X-Men.
* BadFuture: Bishop and Shard come from one where mutants were put into concentration camps.
* BattleCouple: Logan and Storm in the alternate reality.
* BeardOfSorrow: Alt Magneto has one.
* BigGood: Magneto aka "the Leader"
* TheCameo: Many members of the Mutant Resistance: Blink, Mimic, Sabretooth, Wild Child, Angel, Colossus, Nigthcrawler, Sinister, Holocaust, Gambit, Tar Baby, Copycat, Frenzy, Rogue, Morph, Jean Grey, Blob, Caliban, Callisto, Pyro, Masque, Mastermind, Sunder, Sunfire, Polaris, Banshee for the Resistance.
** And on the side of the "Avengers": Captain America, Giant Man, Iron Man, Black Widow, Wonder Man, Wasp, Daredevil and Scarlet Spider.
* ContinuityNod: While explaining to the alt-Storm and alt-Wolverine the timeline, they show holograms of their timeline which also includes footage from ''[[Recap/XMenS1E11DaysOfFuturePastPart1 Days of]] [[Recap/XMenS1E12DaysOfFuturePastPart2 Future Past]]''
* DownerEnding: The episode ends with Bishop, Shard, Logan and Storm failing to save Xavier.
* TheMedic: Dr. Summers (clearly Cyclops) for the Resistance, with Jean as a battlefield nurse.
* TheQuisling: Trevor Fitzroy collaborates with Master Mold hoping to become the most powerful mutant in existance.
* LaResistance: In the AlternateTimeline, the X-Men are called "the Mutant Resistance" as without Xavier there's no source for the "X".
* RefusalOfTheCall: Young Xavier is overwhelmed by the notion he'll lead the X-Men and work towards mutant-human coexistance. Logan is also reluctant to aid in a mission that will result in his and Storm's RetGone.
* RuinsOfTheModernAge: Particularly noticeable as the events of the episode are happening ThePresentDay but another timeline.
* WorldOfBadass: Pretty much describes everyone in the alternate timeline, considering they're fighting a HopelessWar in midst a ruined world. For instance Beast, whom is a lot more willing to fight than his mainstream counterpart.
* WingedHumanoid: Mimic.

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