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* QuirkyUkulele: Bob gets pressed into service during the segment of the show that usually contains "Silly Songs with Larry", because Larry (and the other Pirates Who Don't Do Anything) are busy running the rest of the program. The chosen number is a ukelele karaoke called "Lance the Turtle", which ultimately deteriorates into gibberish.

* WholeFlashbackEpisode: "Gideon: Tuba Warrior" is told entirely from the perspective of Gideon himself, telling the parade commentators the truth about his success in the battle against the Medianites.


* WholeFlashbackEpisode: WholeEpisodeFlashback: "Gideon: Tuba Warrior" is told entirely from the perspective of Gideon himself, telling the parade commentators the truth about his success in the battle against the Medianites.

* FlashbackEpisode: "Gideon: Tuba Warrior" is told entirely from the perspective of Gideon himself, telling the parade commentators the truth about his success in the battle against the Medianites.

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* WholeFlashbackEpisode: "Gideon: Tuba Warrior" is told entirely from the perspective of Gideon himself, telling the parade commentators the truth about his success in the battle against the Medianites.

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-->'''Gideon: Tuba Warrior'''
-->'''Episode number:''' 28
-->'''Original release date:''' 11/4/06


-->'''Countertop Intro'''

On the Countertop, Bob and Larry once again greet the kids, but just as Bob is about to read a letter that he and Larry have gotten, they are suddenly approached by Pa Grape and Mr. Lunt, who are once again pretending to be the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, which Bob is confused about. Mr. Lunt then says, "Prepare to be boarded!" while Pa Grape then says, "Avast, ye regular host! We're pirating this broadcast!", as he snatches the letter from Bob. While Larry greets Pa and Mr. Lunt, Bob tells them that, "You're the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything! You're not supposed to actually.. pirate anything!" Pa says that they've changed their ways while Mr. Lunt says that they've been convicted, before admitting that they were actually bored. Pa then tells Bob that "Not doing anything is boring", before Bob then asks Larry if he knows anything about this, with Larry replying that he knew that they were getting antsy. Bob tells Pa and Mr. Lunt that they're actually doing something before asking them to go swab some barnacles or something. Pa tells Bob that he and Mr. Lunt are new at hosting the show, with Mr. Lunt adding to him to give them a break and that they couldn't think of anything else to do, other than scrapbooking. Bob then asks if he and Larry are supposed to step aside while Pa and Mr. Lunt host the show, but Pa tells him that Larry can stay if he puts on his eyepatch, which Larry does. Bob isn't so sure if the Pirates are capable of hosting the show, with Mr. Lunt pleading to him to give them a chance, so Bob decides to give them a chance, but tells them that he's staying to supervise, which the Pirates are happy to hear. Larry then tells Pa to read the letter, which Pa does, but not without putting on his reading glasses, saying that the letter is from Rachel Paxton from Mussel Shoals, Alabama who explains that she's in the second grade and that there's a new girl in her class who's kind of peculiar and that her friends don't like her, also saying that she knows that God wants us to be friends with kids who have no friends, but if she's nice to her, she might lose her old friends, so wants to know what she should do. Mr. Lunt then asks if Rachel can try a scrapbooking party, before Pa also asks Rachel to wait until her friends aren't looking and then smile at the new kid, which Bob is not too happy to hear, before Pa replies that "this is harder than it looks". Larry then tells Bob to help Pa and Mr. Lunt out a little, which Bob is reluctant about, before saying that Rachel is asking if God can help her in this situation or if she'll be worse off by doing what he asks, wondering if she can trust God. Pa then reads the P.S. on the letter, saying, "Can I trust God?" Fortunately, Pa comes up with an idea of telling Rachel a story, which Mr. Lunt likes. Pa then remembers a true story that his Granddad once told him about a man named George Muller, with Bob saying that he heard about him and that he trusted God for everything. Soon, Pa then tells the story of George Muller, saying that he lived a long time ago in a land called Bristol, England.

-->'''George Muller'''

A reporter by the name of Simon approaches a house on 6 Wilson Street, with Pa explaining that Simon was a reporter for the Bristol Snoop, a newspaper of questionable integrity. Simon then knocks on the door as George Muller (played by Archibald Asparagus) answers the door, asking if he can help him. Simon asking George if he's running a school for alien dolphins, which George Muller finds to be ridiculous, before Simon says that this story is unbelievable, along with the story of a turkey born with the head of a cat. George tells Simon that they have no dolphins because he is actually running a home for orphans, saying that he looks after children that have no parents, with Simon coming up the outrageous claim that the children's parents are dolphins. George is about to bid Simon goodnight when a young girl named Emily (played by Annie Onion) asks George if he's going to play the piano, which George says that he will, before Emily notices the newspaper that Simon is holding that has the picture of the cat-headed turkey, saying that it's "purr-ty strange". George then sends Emily back into the house after that, before asking Simon if there's anything else, with Simon saying that there isn't. George then goes back inside, but before Simon can leave, he then hears George and the children singing, "His Eye Is On The Sparrow", singing about how God is always watching over them, with Simon peeking in on them.

After the song ends, Simon then enters the house, accusing George of speaking in code, but George corrects him, telling him that they're singing a song about God providing for them, with Emily adding that God even watches over the sparrows so that we can trust him to look after us. George then adds that God called for them to start the orphanage with nothing, with everything provided by God. When Simon asks George if he also asked for donations, George tells him that there's nothing wrong with donations, but they never asked anyone for anything, instead asking God for help. Simon is amazed at what he hears before George's wife, Mary, enters the room, telling George that they're out of food again. George then says that they'll have to handle it like they always do, with Simon asking George how they handle it, before George simply answers, "We pray". Of course, Simon is in disbelief that breakfast will just come from praying, but George is able to tell him that God will meet their needs, before inviting Simon for breakfast so that he may see for himself. Simon then leaves after that while feeling sorry for the kids not having any food.

The next morning, Simon returns to the orphanage before the door is now answered by Emily. Simon then shows Emily a headline involving an attack of staplers on the rise, before telling her that these are dangerous times, which Emily agrees with. George then invites Simon inside the orphanage for breakfast, before Simon tells him that this would be a good story for the paper, while also hoping that the kids get something to eat. The children are hungry, before Simon asks where the food is. George then asks Mary if they have any food for the children, which Mary does not answer, but the answer is still that they don't have any food, before George asks the children what they do, with the children answering that they pray. George then prays to God, thanking him for giving them what they are about to eat. After the prayer is over, Simon offers to run out and pick up some food for the children, but the Baker (played by Jimmy Gourd) comes in while carrying a basket full of bread, telling George that he couldn't sleep because he felt that George and the children didn't have any bread for breakfast, so he decided to give George and the children some, which Simon is surprised to hear. George thanks the Baker for the bread, saying that he's an answer to pray. When Emily says that she's thirsty, a loud crashing sound is suddenly heard from outside, before the Milkman (played by Jerry Gourd) comes in while carrying a couple of crates with bottles of milk, telling George that his milk cart just broke down before asking if he could unload some milk so he could fix his wagon. George then allows the children to have some milk, which the children are happy to hear. George then tells Simon that he can write down the story necessary for the Bristol Snoop, which Simon is happy to hear. Pa then explains that Simon reported some big stories in his day, but this was by far the biggest, just as the next day, a newspaper then lands in front of the door, bearing the headline about George's trust in God. Pa also explains that George Muller would go on receive money build orphanages all without asking anyone for anything, except for keeping his trust in God.

-->'''Countertop Part 2'''

Back on the Countertop, Larry and Mr. Lunt are moved by the story, before Mr. Lunt says that George Muller should have prayed for a hi-def TV, before Larry tells him, "I'm pretty sure George Muller knew the difference between a need and a want". Pa then tries to sign off the episode, but Larry stops him, telling him and Mr. Lunt that it's too early to call it quits. When Pa says that he told the story, Larry tells him that it was a little short, before telling him that they'd do a Silly Song and tell another story. Pa then asks Larry to do the Silly Song, but Larry says that he's dressed like a pirate, even when Pa tells him to do a pirate Silly Song, which was already done. Fortunately, Jean-Claude and Phillipe Pea approach the trio, telling them that they have written a Silly Song. The Pirates are happy to hear this, before Pa asks the French Peas if it's in French, but they answer that it's not and that the song is not for them to sing. When Pa asks who else can sing around here, they realize that Bob can sing.

-->'''Ukulele Karaoke with Bob'''

Bob is reading a newspaper when he is suddenly approached by Jean-Claude and Phillipe that it is time for him to sing the Silly Song, despite Bob's protests that he's not ready to sing a solo. Fortunately for Bob, his backup singers are a trio of singers called the Wiggly Turtle Toobies (which are three cardboard cutouts of turtles with three peas standing on them). The song then begins as Bob and the Toobies start singing a lively hula number called "Lance the Turtle", singing about the eponymous turtle who lives in Hawaii and decides to throw a luau for all of his turtle friends. Unfortunately, the lyrics that Bob is holding, along with the newspaper that he had been reading earlier, get shredded in the fan by accident. Even when the peas manage to tape the lyrics back together, the song now just consist of nonsense lyrics which Bob is frustrated by, before he leaves in disgust. Even when Bob has left, the French Peas are able to sing the rest of the song, but not without Bob saying, "I'll be in my dressing room".

-->'''Gideon: Tuba Warrior'''

In the streets of Jerusalem, there is a victory parade honoring the victory of Gideon over the Medianites in battle, as a pair of parade commentators (played by Jimmy and Jerry Gourd) go on to praise Gideon (played by Larry the Cucumber) for his bravery in the line of battle. However, Gideon, who is riding on a tuba float made entirely out of roses, tells everyone to stop the parade. Gideon then tells the commentators that what they're saying about him is nice, but it's just not how it happened, before telling them how it really happened. Gideon explains that he was minding his own business practicing his marching band moves, at the same time that his older brothers (played by the French Peas) are practicing their football moves. Of course, Gideons' brothers are not happy that Gideon's tuba playing is interrupting their practices, with Gideon explaining how the band is going to be, before he blows into his tuba once again, just as one of his brothers then throws the football right into the tuba, which causes Gideon to lose his balance and fall over.

Gideon then picks himself up with the football stuck inside his tuba as his older brothers hop back inside the house. Gideon then starts to blow into his tuba to try and loosen the ball, but it doesn't work, so he ends up blowing so hard that he runs out of breath, leaving him really dizzy, before he trips over a jar, which causes a rake to fall down and knock over a hoe and shovel which then hits one end of a table, sending a bag of flour flying through the air until it lands on Gideon, which causes him to give a powerful blow into the tuba which is enough to dislodge the football and send it flying into the house as it breaks something inside, which Gideon's brothers are not happy about as they yell about it. While Gideon is hiding behind a rather skinny tree to avoid getting caught by his older brothers, he suddenly hears a voice say, "Hail, Mighty Man of Valor!", before looking down to see an angel (played by Pa Grape) standing next to him. When the angel repeat his statement, Gideon tells him that he must be looking for his brothers, but the angel tells him that he's looking for him. After a bit of misunderstanding, in which Gideon thinks that this angel is part of a football team called the Angels, the angel tells him that he's a real angel sent from the Lord above with a message.

The angel then reads from a book explaining that he's been sent by the Lord to fulfill any miracles to prove that he is sent by God. When Gideon asks the angel if he can get him anything cold to drink, the angel tells him that lemonade would be fine, before Gideon hops off then returns with a glass of lemonade. The angel thanks Gideon for not freaking out from seeing him, saying that folks usually freak out when they see him so he has to spend the first week trying to calm them down, with Gideon telling the angel that he believes that he's been sent from God. Gideon then asks the angel what his message is, the angel explains to him that the Lord has chosen him to lead Israel's army against the ferocious enemy, but Gideon stops the angel, saying in disbelief, "I've been chosen?!? To lead an army?!?" Gideon then tells the angel that he made a mistake, but the angel tells him, "You're a warrior, aren't ya?", before Gideon tells him that his brothers are the real warriors, saying that he's just the guy you call when you want a victory parade after the battle. When the angel tells Gideon that God has chosen him, Gideon tries protesting that he's not trained in weapons of war, but on the tuba, adding that his brothers are bigger and stronger, he's afraid of the dark, and that he especially screams like a girl. Gideon then tells the angel that he thought that he came to give him a pep talk and a 'well done', before the angel tells him, "If you wanna hear the Lord say 'well done', then you'll have to do what he asks". Because of this, Gideon then once again asks the angel if he's sure that God has chosen him, which the angel confirms, telling Gideon that God wants him to defeat the invading Medianites.

When Gideon asks how many Medianites they're talking about, the angel takes him to the mountains, where one Medianite pea is seen, with Gideon thinking that it's just one, but he is proven wrong when this pea calls out to the others, as a huge cloud of dust kicks up before more Medianites, over 30,000, have set up camp in the canyons below the mountains. When Gideon sees that there are only three days left until the Medianites attack, he tries to leave, but the angel stops him again. Even when Gideon tells the angel that he's not defeating the Medianites, the angel tells him that it's not his job to defeat him, but rather God's, and that it's Gideon's job to trust to do what he says, but Gideon still doesn't want to go through with it, telling the angel, "I'm sorry, but you've just got the wrong guy". The angel then tells Gideon that "God never chooses the wrong guy", even with Gideon's insistence that God made a mistake, but the angel also tells him that God never makes mistakes. Because of this, Gideon decides that he needs a sign to indicate that God has chosen him. Soon, the angel then has a band of angels play a rousing song, explaining to Gideon that God is the creator of everything and that he wants his followers to have trust in what directions he has for them.

The angel then asks Gideon what sign he wants from God, with Gideon telling him that he'll leave some lamb's fleece on the ground, telling him to have God make the ground dry but the fleece wet. The next morning, when Gideon wakes up, he finds that the ground around him is dry, but when he picks up the fleece, he discovers that it is sopping wet, which he uses to bath himself. The angel then asks Gideon if he believes that God has chosen him now, Gideon tells him that he needs one more sign to be certain that God really has chosen him. This time, Gideon tells the angel to have God make the ground wet but the fleece dry. The next morning, when Gideon wakes up, he discovers that the ground is really wet, but when he picks up the fleece, he discovers that it is not one bit wet. Because of this, Gideon then decides to embrace the job that God has given him, just as the angel then ends his song after that. Soon, Gideon, with help from the angel, has managed to recruit a huge number of carrots and peas to join God's army, all while giving them a free flashlight. Gideon then looks out to see that the Medianites have gotten a huge rock, which they toss around, as well as the fact that there is only one day left until the Medianites attack. Gideon is rather worried about this, before he then approaches all of the soldiers that he has recruited, thanking them for joining the army, just as the huge rock from earlier suddenly lands in front of them.

At that moment, the lead Medianite (played by Mr. Nezzer) asks the group to retrieve the rock, which some of the carrots and peas do, but the rock is much too heavy for them to lift, even when they lift together. Because of this, the lead Medianite is able to lift up the rock without any problems before leaving after that. Gideon then tells all of the soldiers that with God's help, they will be victorious, before the angel whispers something to him, with Gideon telling him, "You've got to be kidding", but the angel is not kidding. Because of this, Gideon then tells the soldiers that whoever does not want to go into battle is free to go, so a large number of the recruits leave, after asking Gideon if they can keep the flashlight, which Gideon tells them that they can. The army has now been reduced by a thousand after that, with Gideon telling the soldiers that they're now a smaller but still mighty crew, but before he can repeat his statement again, the angel whispers something else to him this time, with Gideon once again telling him, "You've gotta be kidding me!" Even in spite of this, Gideon tells the soldiers to "take five and have a slushy", which the soldiers elatedly do as they each begin to help themselves to a slushy. Gideon doesn't quite understand this being a test, with the angel telling him that there are still too many, but Gideon tells him that they're outnumbered more than 10 to 1. The angel then tells Gideon that the slushies is the point of the test, but Gideon doesn't understand how drinking slushies is going to decide who's worthy to be in the army or not. To answer Gideon's question, half of the soldiers end up getting brain freeze, while 6 of the soldiers are able to drink the slushies without getting brain freeze.

Soon, Gideon's army has now been reduced to 6 carrots and 6 peas, each holding flashlights, though the carrots are holding trumpets and the peas are holding tubas. When Gideon tells the carrots and peas that they're going to battle, the soldiers are in disbelief about it because they don't have any weapons, but Gideon tells them that they do have weapons, saying that they will defeat the Medianites with their horns and flashlights. Inside the battle tent, Gideon is explaining the battle plan to the soldiers, telling them that they'll split the army up into different areas around the mountains. The enemy's troops are represented by a huge pile of pebbles, which causes the table to break when all of the pebbles are poured onto the table at once. Later that night, Gideon then approaches the canyon where the Medianites are still camped out at the bottom, before the angel comes up next to him, telling him, "Sure are a lot of them, aren't they?" with Gideon telling that that's just what he was thinking. When the angel asks Gideon if he's doing okay, Gideon answers, "Sure", with the angel telling him that he's just checking. When Gideon asks the angel if he ever had a hard time trusting God, the angel tells him that he sees God every day and that he knows that he's glorious and that he never breaks his promise. The angel then tells Gideon to trust God before leaving after that.

After the angel leaves, Gideon then tells God about how God was able to choose Gideon, saying that he could have chosen anyone, but instead he chose Gideon. After his little prayer, Gideon then hears something before looking down to see the lead Medianite talking with another Medianite, but he can't hear anything because they're too far down in the canyon. Fortunately, Gideon comes up with an idea by holding the mouthpiece of his tuba up to his ear and using the main horn to listen in on the Medianites, discovering that the lead Medianite had a strange dream in which their army had been defeated in battle. After that, Gideon then thanks God for the sign before leaving after that. Back at the camp, Gideon has gathered his army together, telling them that the Lord has delivered the enemy into their hands and that he will do the work, and that all they have to do is trust that he'll do what he says. Gideon then tells them that they'll have three groups around the rim of the valley, for some of the men to come with him, some to go to the South end, and so they don't "split the peas", they'll go up the middle. Soon, Gideon and his army head towards the valley, while one of the pea soldiers (played by Percy Pea) says, "Did he just make a 'split pea' joke?"

After approaching the canyon, where the Medianites are still camped below, Gideon and his army are now ready to put God's plan into action, as Gideon and his soldiers begin blowing into their horns. The noise alerts all of the Medianites, before they look up to notice Gideon and his army playing their horns while shining their flashlights all around them from above the canyon. This frightens the Medianites so much that they run away, their battle plan having been thwarted, thanks to Gideon's trust in God. The next morning, all of the soldiers praise Gideon for their victory, but Gideon tells them that God chose him for this time and this place and that all he did was trust him that he'd do what he said, which he did, as everyone cheers after that. The angel then approaches Gideon, giving him a gift which is a bible entitled "Gideon's Bible". When Gideon's opens it, he finds an inscription inside that reads, "Hail, Mighty Man of Valor". Gideon then says that he'll treasure it always, before saying that he'll keep it in his nightstand right next to his bed. After the flashback ends, Gideon then explains to everyone that that's how it happened, before the parade resumes once again, this time with the parade commentators saying that they're honoring Gideon, who is the most humble man in the world and how he learned how to trust God, also adding that when we put our trust in God, "That's when we're victorious too".

-->'''Countertop Outro'''

Back on the Countertop, Larry, Pa Grape, and Mr. Lunt are amazed by the story of Gideon, with Larry telling Pa that that was a good one, but Pa tells him that that wasn't his story, saying that he didn't really know much about Gideon before this, saying that he knew that he left Bibles in hotel rooms, but that was it. When the Pirates wonder whose story it was, Bob then approaches them, saying that it was his, telling him that he thought that they needed a hand. Bob then says that he was glad to help, before telling the Pirates that they did a good job hosting the show. Pa then says, "I'm feeling a renewed sense of vigor", while Mr. Lunt says that "Not 'not doing anything' has never felt better", before Larry congratulates Bob for the Silly Song. However, Bob doesn't want to talk about it, before saying that it's time to talk about what they've learned today, before the Wiggly Turtle Toobies then sing a hula version of the '''"What Have We Learned"''' song. After the song ends, Pa explains that in the story of George Muller, we learned that if we're doing what God asks us to do, he'll meet all our needs, before Bob also says that in the story of Gideon, we learned that if we're doing what God asks us to do, we can trust him with the outcome. The foursome then consult Qwerty for a verse, with the verse being, "'''Trust in the lord with all your heart, and do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5 & 6'''". Bob then tells Rachel that she should show kindness to the new girl in her classroom, because being kind to everyone is something God asks us to do, and that if her friends don't like it, then she can trust in God to find new friends who will. Pa then tells Larry, "He makes it look so easy". Bob then tells the viewers that that's all the time they have, but Pa stops him, wanting to thank him for allowing them to do something. Of course, Pa then says that they should make their own pirate movie. Fortunately, Mr. Lunt says that that's all the time they have, before Larry and Mr. Lunt sign off, while Bob asks Pa if he's serious about the funding, before the episode ends after that.



* AnachronismStew: In the story of George Muller, the song "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" was sung by George and the children, even though the song was written after his death.
* BrainFreeze: This happens in "Gideon: Tuba Warrior" as a sign that half of the soldiers in the army are not qualified to take part in the battle.
* FlashbackEpisode: "Gideon: Tuba Warrior" is told entirely from the perspective of Gideon himself, telling the parade commentators the truth about his success in the battle against the Medianites.
* JawDrop: This was Simon's reaction in "George Muller", when the Baker is able to give George and the children some bread, thanks to God's prayers.
* ScreamsLikeALittleGirl: In "Gideon: Tuba Warrior", even though Gideon never does it, he mentions that he screams like a girl when God's messenger angel tells him that he's been selected to lead the army against the Medianites.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Bob does this during "Lance the Turtle", when the taped-together lyrics he was reading don't make any sense.
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: This is the fourth episode to have a character sing the '''"What Have We Learned"''' song, which in this case, the Wiggly Turtle Toobies sing it in a hula style.
* ThroughAFaceFullOfFur: In "Gideon: Tuba Warrior", when Gideon is trying to dislodge the football from his tuba by blowing right into it, it only causes him to turn blue in the face before becoming really dizzy as a result of running out of breath.

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