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History Recap / TheSmurfsBook6Story2TheWeatherSmurfingMachine

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Handy Smurf creates a machine to control weather.
!!Tropes associated with this episode include
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: When Papa Smurf turns Brainy Smurf's umbrella into a kite, the Smurfs don't get what he wants to do and believe he's trying to relax under danger, so they begin to play games.
* DramaticSlip: The Smurfs are trying to return to the Smurf Village during a snowstorm. Brainy Smurf falls, and when another Smurf offers to carry him, he tells "no, let me die here". The Smurf takes his word and leaves him, so a scared Brainy Smurf gets up again and keeps running.
* ImprovisedLightningRod: Papa Smurf uses a kite to catch lightning and destroy the machine.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Farmer Smurf and Poet Smurf cause the machine to get out of control by messing with its settings.
* PerspectiveReversal: Throughout the story, Farmer Smurf wants rain for his crops and Poet Smurf wants sun to write an ode to it. At the end, Farmer Smurf is happy to have sun due to the berry season and Poet Smurf is sad as he wanted to make an ode to rain.
* ThisIsNoTimeForKnitting: Papa Smurf, facing the Weather Control Machine gone amok, hastily makes a kite. The onlooking Smurfs comment that the old man is probably trying to cheer himself up in the dire situation, and proceed to hesitantly engage in some games themselves. Papa Smurf, meanwhile, uses the kite to bring down lightning and destroy the machine.
* WeatherControlMachine

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