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History Recap / TheNannyS4E15TheNoseKnows

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Fran quits therapy after she sees Dr. Miller picking his nose. Due to a OneDialogueTwoConversations misunderstanding, Maxwell thinks Fran was sexually harassed by Dr. Miller.


* CastIncest[[invoked]]: The ''[[Series/TheBradyBunch Brady Bunch]]'' example is referenced:
-->'''Fran:''' I've become very disillusioned by Dr. Miller. It reminds me of the time when Mrs. Brady started dating Greg. Adds a whole new meaning to being busy with three boys of your own.
* FreudianSlip:
-->'''Dr. Miller:''' So, did you enjoy the movie?\\
'''Fran:''' Uh, not really. Thank God, I bought a box of boogers -- I mean, Goobers!
* ImAManICantHelpIt: As part of the OneDialogueTwoConversations misunderstanding, Maxwell thinks Dr. Miller invoked this trope:
-->'''Fran:''' Well, he explained that what he did wasn't so wrong. I mean, men are human, and he had an itch, he had to scratch it.\\
'''Maxwell:''' That is such a crock!
* NotWhatItLooksLike: After Fran walks in on him and his date, Maxwell uses this phrase. He starts explaining what happened before realizing that Fran isn't his wife and he doesn't need to explain anything to her.
* NoseNuggets: Fran is disgusted when she sees Dr. Miller picking his nose.
* OneDialogueTwoConversations: As explained in the plot description. It starts with this:
-->'''Maxwell:''' Ah, Sylvia. If you're looking for your daughter, she's on her way to therapy.\\
'''Sylvia:''' No, she's upstairs. She's not going to that doctor anymore.\\
'''Maxwell:''' Oh, why? What happened?\\
'''Sylvia:''' Well, he did something very inappropriate. She doesn't want me to tell you. She's afraid you'll overreact.\\
'''Maxwell:''' Well, what did he do?\\
'''Sylvia:''' Let's just say he put his hand some place he shouldn't have.\\
'''Maxwell:''' Oh, my God! And nobody's gonna do anything about it?!\\
'''Sylvia:''' What're you gonna do, call the police? They would have to arrest every man on the subway.
* PrimalScene: Subverted:
-->'''Fran:''' I might as well work through the trauma of seeing my parents in bed.\\
'''Maxwell:''' Having sex?\\
'''Fran:''' No, whitefish.

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