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History Recap / TheBackyardigansS2E3ScaredOfYou

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Music Genre: Jump blues

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We open with Mad Scientist Tasha telling her assistant, birthday boy Austin, about her top secret experiment ("I've Got A Secret"). Austin must find three monsters and bring them to the laboratory.

Austin's first stop is a pyramid, where Mummy King Tyrone lives. After a brief fiasco with dropping tiles, he has to convinced the wrapped up royal that he is nothing to be afraid of ("Scared Of You").

After departing the pyramid, Austin and Tyrone go into the forest to find Werewolf Uniqua, and Tyrone [[ItMakesSenseInContext gets flung around by a sentient tree]]. Of course, when Tyrone and Uniqua first meet, they need a minute to get over their fear of each other ("Scared Of You" reprise).

The final stop is a castle inhabited by Vampire Pablo. Once again, the monsters are afraid of each other ("Scared Of You" reprise). Once everyone has calmed down, Austin brings them back to the laboratory ("Hurry Home").

As it turns out, Tasha needed the monsters to have a surprise party to celebrate Austin's birthday ("Monster Dance Party"). Hooray!

!!"I'm scared of these tropes!"

* AgelessBirthdayEpisode: It's never stated how old birthday boy Austin is turning.
* CuteMonsterGirl: Uniqua. Pablo could be a male example.
* TheWoobie: Austin, who thinks his friends forgot his birthday.

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