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History Recap / HarvestDecemberCh04LovelyMarch

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Because he needs the money and because she wants the experience, Masaki and Yuki team up to babysit one of her neighbor's newborn child.
!!''Lovely March'' contains the following examples:
* BabysittingEpisode: The story focuses on Masaki and Yuki babysitting a neighbor's girl for a week.
* BaitAndSwitch: Why Masaki is in a bookstore during the prologue. He was looking up a magazine on child-rearing and everyone assumes he'd gotten Yuki pregnant.
* BridalCarry: After Moyori faints, Masaki tries carrying her to the infirmary this way. [[{{Yandere}} Yuki is]] [[GreenEyedMonster not pleased]].
* OhCrap: Masaki's face when Yuki gets angry that he has Moyori in the BridalCarry (to take her to the infirmary) mentioned above. Perfectly depicted in a CG.
* OverTheShoulderCarry: Masaki switches to this after the BridalCarry above draws Yuki's wrath. Moyori wakes up during this, finds it degrading, and beats up on Masaki until he drops her, leading to a-
* PantyShot: Not shown to the reader, but Moyori's have a teddy bear on them.
* RealityEnsues: Yuki quickly learns just how difficult it is to care for a baby and it gives her a much-needed wake-up call on rushing in to have one of her own. [[spoiler:Doesn't stop her from wanting one eventually though.]]

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