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History Recap / EmpathTheLuckiestSmurfIDreamOfSmurfette

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* DidYouJustHaveSex: Duncan [=McSmurf=]'s strange ability to smell whether one of his fellow Smurfs just had "the Smurfette dream" begins here.

* VulgarHumor: Jokey engages in this to deal with his experience with "the Smurfette dream".


* VulgarHumor: Jokey engages in this to deal with his experience with "the Smurfette dream". Papa Smurf frowns on this and makes his displeasure known to Jokey.

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* FreudianSlipperySlope: This conversation between Empath and Smurfette.
-->'''Smurfette:''' Empath, what's the matter? You seem to smurf rather nervous about talking of that night.
-->'''Empath:''' Oh...well, it's just a little something that rises...I mean, raises this smurf's interest in you, Smurfette. Frankly, this smurf was also thinking of you last night, that you were part of this smurf's dreams.
-->'''Smurfette:''' Really? I hope it's not the same kind of dream that every Smurf says they have about me.
-->'''Empath:''' Uh, of course not, Smurfette. This smurf would never insert myself into you...I mean, insert you into this smurf's dreams like that to...uh, do anything to you...that is, uh, of that kind of nature.
-->'''Smurfette:''' You are the new Smurf around here, so I guess if you even smurfed that kind of dream, I would just think it would be natural for you to smurf it. I'm sorry for bothering you about it, Empath. I should have known that such things wouldn't be what you would smurf during your time in Psychelia.
-->'''Empath:''' That's how it is in Psychelia, Smurfette. We're trained to have our thoughts free of anything that would be distracting. This smurf was very sex full...I mean, successful at it before returning home for you...uh, for good.

* ItsNotPornItsArt: Painter does so many pictures of Smurfette after experiencing "the Smurfette dream", which leads to this conversation with Poet.
-->'''Painter:''' With all these pictures, I don't know if I'm truly being an artist or just smurfing in ''pornographia,'' Poet.
-->'''Poet:''' I don't even know what ''pornographia'' is, but I'd be very careful smurfing these pictures to any Smurf if I were you, Painter.

* UnusualEuphemism: "The Smurfette dream" is this for NocturnalEmission.


* UnusualEuphemism: "The Smurfette dream" is this for NocturnalEmission.NocturnalEmission.
* VulgarHumor: Jokey engages in this to deal with his experience with "the Smurfette dream".

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When Empath is dealing with the "physical reaction" to his attraction to Smurfette, Papa Smurf tells him of the time when his little Smurfs all dealt with the same thing when Smurfette became a real Smurf.
!!This story provides the following examples of:
* EroticDream: "The Smurfette dream" is basically this, which is how Hefty describes it as to Papa Smurf.
* IChooseToStay: When Smurfette hears that her fellow Smurfs were all coming down with "the Smurfette dream" and were afraid to go near her because of that, Smurfette decides that the best thing for her fellow Smurfs is to leave them and live in the forest, much like what Smurfette did at the end of the comic book version of "The Smurfette". However, when she sees that her fellow Smurfs were willing to go all out to make her home in the forest a pleasant one, she changes her mind and decides that she would rather stay in the village.
* NocturnalEmission: What "the Smurfette dream" is supposedly about for all the Smurfs, including Empath.
* UnusualEuphemism: "The Smurfette dream" is this for NocturnalEmission.

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