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--> ‘’’Ed DeLuca’’’: Here she is! Willamette, Colorado. Population: 53,594. Distinguishing characteristic: Jack shit!


--> ‘’’Ed DeLuca’’’: '''Ed DeLuca''': Here she is! Willamette, Colorado. Population: 53,594. Distinguishing characteristic: Jack shit!

-->’’’Ed DeLuca’’’: As long as you’re not dead, Fred.//
‘’’Frank West’’’: It’s Frank. Frank West. Remember that name, cause the whole world’s gonna know it in 3 days…When I get the scoop.


-->’’’Ed DeLuca’’’: -->'''Ed DeLuca''': As long as you’re not dead, Fred.//
‘’’Frank West’’’:
'''Frank West''':
It’s Frank. Frank West. Remember that name, cause the whole world’s gonna know it in 3 days…When I get the scoop.

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‘’’Dead Rising’’’ '''Dead Rising''' | ''Recap/DeadRising2'' | ''Recap/DeadRising3'' | ‘’Recap/DeadRising4’’ ''Recap/DeadRising4'' -]]]]]

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!!72 Hour Mode

After hitting a lumbering person on the road, a mother continues driving despite the low gas light while having her daughter cover her eyes with her hat. Along the highway, the mother sees a burning town with helicopters in the air. However, the family is soon driven off the road by a sudden eighteen wheeler, and the car is swarmed by the shambling people, zombies.

September 19th, 2006
11:27 AM

Flying over the rocky plains in a helicopter is a mid thirties man in a leather jacket and slacks taking scenic photos. The pilot, Ed DeLuca, is curious about his passenger. The man explains that he’s doing research for a story after getting an anonymous tip something would be happening out here. Ed is skeptical since nothing was said on TV, but the man explains that since he’s freelance, he can’t wait for the TV. As they fly Ed calls out that they have arrived.

--> ‘’’Ed DeLuca’’’: Here she is! Willamette, Colorado. Population: 53,594. Distinguishing characteristic: Jack shit!

As Ed explains the only worthwhile thing to do is at the mall, the photographer spots the Army barricading the bridge out of the town. Flying through the town, the photographer takes several photos of the bizarre riot going on. A man being dragged off the top of his car, a woman with a gun shooting till a group of men drag her off the roof, a bus being swarmed, and a gas station exploding. Getting to the center of town, the Willamette Mall, what seems like the whole town is trying to storm the barricaded doors. Spotting a helipad, the photographer wants to be dropped off. Checking over his gear, the photographer wants to make it clear he will want to be picked up.

-->’’’Ed DeLuca’’’: As long as you’re not dead, Fred.//
‘’’Frank West’’’: It’s Frank. Frank West. Remember that name, cause the whole world’s gonna know it in 3 days…When I get the scoop.

Army helicopter’s surround Ed’s chopper, forcing him to swerve all over. Frank’s gear falls out the side, leaving him nothing but his camera. With no other option, Frank jumps out of the helicopter onto the helipad. Watching Ed be chased off, a spanish man with slicked back hair, black slacks, a necklace, and a white fiesta shirt greets Frank. Clearly the man who tipped off Frank, he finds it strange that Frank came alone. Frank defends, as a freelance photojournalist it is supposed to be a one man act. Frank asks the Spaniard just what is going on, since no ordinary riot would be quarantined with such an extreme moratorium on information, and what Frank finds most disturbing, it doesn’t ‘’sound’’ like a normal riot. It’s too quiet. The Spaniard wonders cryptically if that means that everyone else is dead already. He tells Frank to go into the mall and see for himself that this town is Hell.

September 19th
12:00 PM

Heading through a door, Frank is now in the Security Room, where he spots on the security monitors a woman being dragged out of her car by the rioters, who proceed to bite into her neck. Unnerved, Frank heads down the hall, which leads to the front gate of the mall. Several men and women are struggling to barricade said front gate with anything they can find. There are only two people not fully helping: An old woman looking for her dog Madonna and a beautiful latina woman in a white crop top. One of the men setting up the barricade chastises Frank for ogling the pretty girl, and asks, “You lookin’ to get yourself eaten alive by zombies?”

Frank can’t hide his surprise, so he’s pointed to look outside, and true to his words, the rioters are indeed zombies. The man admits that it’s starting to look like the only ones outside now are zombies, but the good news is that zombies are slow and stupid so it’s easy to set up a barricade, which the man orders Frank to help add to. Heading by the shutters, Frank spots a crotchety old man with a cane, who accuses him of bringing him there. Back at the front gate, the old woman has ripped open the barricade for her poodle. She and everyone else on the ground floor are ripped to shreds. Watching the carnage in horror, Frank is knocked out of his stupor by an African American man in a yellow button up shirt shouting for the survivors to head for the stairs. Running to the stairs as survivors are killed left and right, Frank makes it back to the security room. The only other people there are the man who called for the survivors, a beautiful, bespectacled blonde woman in a gray dress suit, and an older man wearing the mall security jacket. The older man starts welding the door shut behind Frank. Opening the air ducts, the man leaves for mysterious reasons despite Frank’s protests. The woman compliments Frank on the camera, and wonders if he’s taken any interesting photos. Lingering on a photo of the old man, she brushes off Frank’s questions. She leaves Frank to check on the monitors, but tells him that her name’s Jessie, and the guy that just left is Brad. Wanting to know what is going on, Frank prepares to head back out, but the old man stops him. Introducing himself as Otis, he hands Frank a transceiver and map to navigate the mall, and call if he finds any survivors. Crawling to the roof, Frank immediately finds survivors, which he brings to the Security Room. While making his way back to the mall, Frank hears a noise behind him. Turning around prepared to use a fire extinguisher as a weapon, it turns out to be Jessie with a gun in her hand. Falling onto her backside, spraining her ankle in the process, Jessie explains that Brad’s in trouble. Despite her injury, Jessie insists on helping, forcing Frank to volunteer. As a civilian, Jessie is skeptical he can help, but Frank tells her, “I’ve covered wars, you know.”

Handing the gun to Frank, he makes it clear that he wants to have a chat with Jessie on exactly who they are. Getting to the food court, Frank is fired upon by a machine gun. It’s the man from the rooftop shooting at him! He gets to Brad who is shooting back. Since Frank isn’t used to shooting at a living person, Brad tells him to flank the shooter and he’ll provide cover fire. Frank runs up and fights the shooter, but he escapes using a rope to get up to the ceiling. Putting his gun away, Frank is curious about the mystery man, but Brad doesn’t even know. Brad offers his thanks, but Frank admits he prefers answers. Brad refuses to tell him anything, until Frank shows him the picture of the old man. Frank gives him an ultimatum, Brad helps Frank, Frank helps Brad. Frustrated, Brad lays into Frank, calling him a hot headed, underhanded paparazzi invading everyone’s privacy. But he relents that they will be working together, so Brad tells Frank that he and Jessie are DHS agents who were sent to find the man in the photo. Now knowing he’s working with Homeland Security, Frank wonders if the man shooting at them was a terrorist, and tells Brad that he picture was taken at the Entrance Plaza. Frank and Brad head that way, where they find that the man, Dr. Russell Barnaby, has locked himself inside a bookstore and refuses to leave unless he is assured safe passage out of the town. Since Jessie has a line to HQ, Frank and Brad return to the Security Room. There, Jessie has bad news: There’s a signal jam, with even the emergency lines blocked. Luckily they have Frank, who has a helicopter coming in three days. With this information, Brad promises to pay the charter while he prepares to go searching for supplies to survive those three days. Before leaving, Brad tells the team that they’ll pick up Dr. Barnaby in the morning.

Exploring the mall, Frank finds other survivors, but also psychopaths, men and women who are killing other humans for whatever reason and have to be killed. Among those found is Kent, who is also a photographer who forms an obsessive rivalry with Frank. Also, while exploring the warehouse, a horde of zombies surround him, but all of a sudden spasm, fall to the ground, and their heads explode after Frank kills a large wasp. Among the first psychopaths Frank encounters are a trio of escaped convicts having stolen a jeep with a minigun on the back, rampaging through the mall’s park the entirety of the three days. Suddenly, at 7:00 PM, the zombies become violent, their eyes glowing red.

*A psychopath that Frank encounters in the under construction North Plaza is Cletus, a paranoid and drunk gun shop owner who is not hesitating to shoot to protect his guns from people he doesn’t know. Getting past his shotgun, Frank is able to fend him off, and in a stupor Cletus runs outside to be mauled by a zombie. But with Cletus dead, Frank now has access to a whole gun shop.
*In the Wonderland Plaza, the amusement ride is moving at an unnaturally fast pace, leaving Frank to head over and turn it off. There, he comes across Adam the Clown, who has gone insane watching his audience die, and is forcing the ride to move non-stop, killing anyone who tries to stop it with a pair of mini-chainsaws. After a massive fight through the whole Wonderland Plaza, Adam falls over onto his own chainsaws, disemboweling him. In his blood is an ID Card, and finally stopping the ride, saving Greg the security guard. With Greg and the ID Card, Frank finds a shortcut to the Security Room.

While waiting for sunrise, Frank helps Brad carry a box of supplies. At the air ducts, Brad notes that due to the helicopter they have to work together, but that doesn’t mean Frank has to know everything, and he can’t just print anything. So Frank will have to appreciate the situation. The photojournalist notes that they’re up to their necks in zombies. Brad admits he still has trouble believing in zombies. In the monitor room, Brad tells the younger Jessie to take a nap just so she’s not insomniac.

Early in the morning, 6:00 AM at the earliest, a now awake Jessie spots the food court shooter taking Dr. Barnaby hostage. Before the outbreak, Jessie explains that Dr. Barnaby was asked by an unknown caller to come to Willamette. Frank figures that if the shooter is the caller, then he has something to do with the zombies. Brad prepares to head out to save Dr. Barnaby, or else all their questions are unanswered. Getting to the Entrance Plaza, Frank and Brad find Dr. Barnaby dangling over a couple dozen zombies with the shooter on a balcony with a sniper rifle. The two manage to overwhelm him, but in his escape, he shoots Brad, but Brad shoots back as well. Frank saves the professor while Brad limps back to the Security Room. While Brad passes out on the futon, Frank puts Dr. Barnaby into a storage locker. After both men pass out, Jessie checks Brad’s temperature and finds he’s gotten a fever. Frank heads off to the supermarket, where he spots the general manager, a HairTriggerTemper man who is overprotective of his store from vandals, using a shopping cart as a weapon with all kinds of blades taped and tied to the front, a girl knocked out in the basket. Doesn’t matter if Frank says that all he needs is medicine, he still has to fight the general manager, Steven. After a fight through the whole supermarket, Steven lumbers over to the cash registers and dies, lamenting the fate of his store. Checking on the girl, Frank recognizes her from the first day at the front door. When she wakes up, Frank tries to offer help since Steven said she was also looking for medicine, but she runs, cryptically saying “You people don’t know a thing! You’re the ones who caused this nightmare! You ruined Santa Cabeza and started all this!”

She runs off, leaving Frank confused. Using the key to the pharmacy, Frank manages to get the medicine. While waiting for Brad to wake up, Jessie notes that the fever has finally cleared, she also spots that there’s blood on Frank’s jacket. He figures that the girl must’ve gotten it on him. When Jessie inquires, Frank explains that she ran off rambling about Santa Cabeza. Suddenly, Dr. Barnaby wakes up in a panic, who swears he isn’t surprised to hear of Santa Cabeza again, but also thought that business was over with. Jessie tries to ask him questions, but locks out Frank when he tries to take a photo. Desperate for information, Frank starts looking for the girl from before.

*When proving to Kent that he is a good photographer, the unstable man wants to meet the next day at noon.
*In the North Plaza, Frank finds a bloodied ShellshockedVeteran wielding a machete going into a PTSD episode, attacking zombies and survivors, believing he’s still in Vietnam. After fighting the man, Cliff, he collapses, and with his dying breath takes out his wallet, showing a picture of his family. When the outbreak first happened, Cliff had watched his granddaughter be mauled by them, her screaming caused his PTSD episode, lamenting that to him the war never ended as he died.
*Outside the movie theater, a madman leads the True Eye Cult in his insane plans for the apocalypse, seeing the zombies as a sign of armageddon. Leading his men in green scream masks and yellow raincoats, they prepare to sacrifice a woman, but Frank interrupts the ritual, so now Frank has a cult after him.
*In a women’s clothing store in Wonderland Plaza, fat, middle aged DirtyCop Jo is holding several women hostage, deriding them as whores. When Frank tries to talk Jo out of hurting the women, she attacks Frank. After Frank kills her, he frees the women Kelly, Lily, Janet, and Kay.

While searching through the security monitors, at 3:00 PM, Frank finds the woman on a motorcycle at the supermarket again. When Frank gets there, she tries to run over him, but Frank gets her off the motorcycle instead. Frank has to pin the woman down to get her to talk, and the first thing she asks is if he’s a reporter. Seeing him nod, she agrees to not run. Frank immediately asks what Santa Cabeza exactly is, and how is it connected to Willamette? The woman simply tells him that the zombies were created “By you, not us. That’s what Carlito wants you to know.”

Now having a name for his recurring shooter, Frank wants to meet him. The woman objects, saying that he’s recovering from the wounds him and Brad had given him. But she does believe that when he recovers, he will be willing to talk. She can persuade him easily, since she’s his little sister. Frank is skeptical of trusting her, but she says that the zombies are simply a message from Carlito and wants people to know the truth. Carlito’s sister leaves, but promises to meet at midnight in the store next to the camera shop in the North Plaza. Before she leaves, she tells him her name, Isabela Keyes. Frank is compelled to introduce himself as well. So now Frank must wait.

*In the Entrance Plaza, Frank finds himself in the sights of the sniper scope of a family of snipers. Two sons Jack and Thomas, and their father Roger are taking shots at survivors out of a belief that it’ll keep them safe, forcing Frank to take the family out.

Heading back to the Security Room, Frank finds Brad, Jessie and Dr. Barnaby in the middle of a discussion. Jessie tells Frank that Dr. Barnaby said that Santa Cabeza was a central stronghold for the Central American drug trade. Brad adds that the Professor believes the zombies are the results of these drugs. The Photojournalist finds this too ridiculous, wondering why would anyone want to spread zombie drugs though a Colorado town? Dr. Barnaby shouts that they’re terrorists, it’s not worth trying to figure out their InsaneTrollLogic. He analyzed the drug and detailed his findings to the government. Dr. Barnaby starts to go into a coughing fit, before locking himself back up into the closet. Frank heads off to the North Plaza, and in the half constructed shop he’s waiting for Isabela. All of a sudden the door slams open, and falling on the ground is Isabela with a zombie on top of her, forcing Frank to save her. Checking over Isabela, who is nursing a bloodied shoulder, Frank worries she’s been bit. Turns out it might’ve been worse. When Isabela spoke to Carlito, his paranoia made him angry enough to shoot his own sister. Not knowing what he’ll do next, Frank carries her to the Security Room, with Carlito begging for forgiveness over the intercoms. Getting to the Security Room, Frank explains Isabela’s situation, confusing Brad to the point he decides to question her when she wakes up by placing her under DHS custody. So now all they can do is wait until Isabela wakes up.

*In the movie theater, the cult leader Sean has taken over Colby’s Movie Theater, and is preparing to execute several survivors before a messily made altar involving a mannequin with a sword in it. After a fight, Sean goes to pray at the altar, but his banging against the podium causes the mannequin to fall forward, the sword stabbing him in the eye. With Sean dead, the cult is no more, and Frank saves all the hostages.

In the monitor room, 3:00 AM, Isabela wakes up, with Brad beginning the interrogation. Isabela accepts the opportunity to tell them why the outbreak is their own fault. There was no drug trade in Santa Cabeza, just an American Research Facility. They were doing research on a parasitic wasp and its caterpillar larvae, which were capable of creating zombies. Isabela also says that if they want proof, then ask the head researcher: Dr. Russell Barnaby. That’s when they hear a banging noise in Dr. Barnaby’s closet. He jumps out of the door, tackling Jessie. All it takes is for Isabela to take one look at him to shout that the Professor is infected. He goes in to bite Jessie’s neck, but Frank kicks him off of her. Sitting up in a coughing fit, Dr. Barnaby mumbles in shock that he’s now a zombie. Frank crouches over him and asks a simple question:

-->‘’’Frank West’’’: Tell me the truth, doc… Were you conducting experiments with zombies?\\
‘’’Dr. Barnaby (Breaking out in a manic smile)’’’: Zombies? Yes… We were… Conducting… Experiments to… Reduce the cost of breeding… We… Accidentally… Made zombie livestock…\\
‘’’Frank West’’’: So the government’s now in the zombie making business… The whole story about the drug trade was a cover-up?\\
‘’’Dr. Barnaby’’’: What do you know!? We were trying to mass produce cattle. Do you… Have any… Idea… How much meat… Americans consume… In a single day!? That research… Was absolutely necessary! I… Haven’t… Done… Anything… Wrong…

Dr. Barnaby starts to spasm and convulse from a seizure before finally dying. Frank pulls out his camera to take a photo of his now gray skin, bloodied nose and cataract eyes. Overwhelmed by the emotion of what she witnessed, Isabela starts to cry, admitting that just one random day, the people of her village suddenly turned into zombies. The wasps had broken out of the lab, and when the zombies proved to be too much, the army was called in to kill everyone, whether they were infected or not. All of a sudden, Brad points his gun at Frank. Frank turns around and sees that Barnaby has turned, but he doesn’t last long since Brad puts a bullet in his head. So Brad fills in the blanks: Carlito and Isabela were some of the only survivors, and he is now attacking Willamette out of revenge for what was done to his home by the Americans. Brad doesn’t know if that’s true or not, but they won’t know for sure if they don’t get out. Isabela checks on Jessie to make sure she wasn’t bitten, being a medical technician she’s the expert on the zombies. And she’s offering to help, since if they die, the truth dies with them. Brad accepts anything that’ll make things go more smoothly, so now Isabela will be an ally.

*In the Wonderland Plaza, a neurotic and insecure bespectacled man with long hair is holding a molotov cocktail against a pair of women thinking they are making fun of him. He tries to fight Frank, thinking he’s there to laugh at him as well, but while trying to relight a cocktail, he ends up lighting himself on fire. Taking pity on the man, Paul, Frank saves his life, and brings him and the two women, Debbie and Mindy, back to the Security Room.

All of a sudden at 11:00 AM, Carlito is on the intercoms again, swearing he never meant to harm Isabela, but also warns that he’s preparing the “Last Resort” as he apologizes for getting her involved. The whole mall hears this, so Brad is wondering what is Carlito talking about? Isabela gives the bad news: If Carlito ever feels cornered, he’d blow up the mall as a last resort, with bombs that will release the wasp larvae into the atmosphere. Brad goes into a panic, now having to deal with a suicide bomber with plans to send the zombies outside the city. Isabela tells them that the maintenance tunnels under the mall will be flooded with flammable gas, and detonate the bombs inside five trucks. So Frank and Brad head down there to remove the bombs from the equation.

*Along the way to the bombs, Frank spots at the Coffee Shop that Kent is trying to infect a survivor named Tao on purpose. Kent plans on throwing a wasp larva at him and photographing it going down his throat. Frank stops him by stomping on the larva, sending Kent into a murderous rage. The two fight, but Frank stops his crazed {{Foil}}, knocking Kent to the ground. With his last bit of strength, Kent gives Frank his camera and begs him to take a picture of his death. Frank throws the camera away in disgust.

Down in the maintenance tunnel, Frank uses a sedan and a mover’s truck to travel to the five trucks, which have slashed tires, so Frank has to take the bombs out directly. Not helping matters is Carlito prowling the tunnels, throwing bombs. After Frank fends him off, Carlito crashes his truck, but runs off with a gun in hand. Brad chases after him while Frank gets the last of the bombs. When Frank gets the last bomb, he rushes outside with the bombs in a shopping cart, barely saving the mall in the nick of time. Meanwhile, Brad corners Carlito in the warehouse, where they have a shootout. Brad dodges Carlito’s bullets, and manages to shoot him in the stomach. But as Brad approaches, ready to arrest him, Carlito pulls out a knife and stabs Brad in the shoulder, before kicking him out into the dark tunnel. With the door locked behind him, Brad turns on his flashlight, seeing that he’s surrounded by zombies. All he can say is, “Well shit.”

With the bombs uselessly detonated, Frank heads back into the tunnels, now trying to find Brad. Finding his flashlight, he spots Brad, bloodied and with weak breathing. Frank goes to help him up, but stops when he realizes that Brad has been disemboweled. Frank crouches down next to the dying man, who admits he isn’t even in pain anymore. Realizing he’ll turn soon, Brad slides to him his gun, and before he turns begs that Jessie not learn about this. When he stands up as a zombie, Frank kills him. When Frank returns to the Security Room, Jessie can’t wait for Brad to arrest Carlito, since that’ll mean case close. Frank keeps his promise and doesn’t say anything. Instead, he asks Isabela if there are any other plans that Carlito might have. She says no, but he does have a hidden computer that will have all kinds of information. Frank and Isabela head to Carlito’s hideout in the North Plaza, hidden above the ceiling. Inside, they find several generators, TVs and Computer monitors, gallons of water and coolers, with a lone laptop in the center of the room. Isabela immediately goes to the laptop, but finds it to be password protected. Frank spots a blue cable connected to the laptop heading to a black box on the top of a steel shelf, with Isabela guessing that this is how the signals are being jammed. Despite knowing this, they can’t disable the system without logging in. All of a sudden, Jessie is calling for Frank on the transceiver, wanting him back at the Security Room to see something she found. When getting there, Jessie shows to him a video of Carlito being dragged through the Maintenance Tunnel by a towering, fat asian man into the Butcher Shop in the North Plaza. Getting there, the man, Larry the Butcher, hangs Carlito by his ankles in the air with a meathook. Larry approaches Frank, thinking he’s a customer. Yes, Larry the Butcher is grounding up other survivors to serve as fresh meat, due to the zombies tampering with his job. “I have a reputation to uphold!” he swears.

With Frank adamant that he doesn’t want Carlito grounded, he fights the Butcher. Eventually when Larry finally keels over, Frank checks on Carlito. With his shot from Brad, a hook in his ankles, Carlito is dying. Yet all he can think about is the safety of his sister. Frank tells him that Isabela is helping them operate his laptop, making Carlito break down. He swears that his purpose in life has been getting revenge for the people of Santa Cabeza. All he can do is ask why meat was more important than human lives? Why did his people have to die to feed fat bellies? Frank shoves him against the wall and shouts that is not enough of an excuse to attack a town on the other side of the continent who didn’t know what their government did. After calming down, Frank promises to publish every detail of the Santa Cabeza outbreak that he can, but he needs the password. As Frank begs for him to not die yet, Carlito just laughs, unnerving him.

-->‘’Carlito Keyes’’’: Hey… Aren’t zombies great? I mean, all they do is eat, and eat, and eat, growing in number… Just like you good red white and blue Americans. It’s not over. Not yet…

Despite Frank’s demands, Carlito refuses to answer, simply giving him his locket necklace, finally calming down and crying over what he’s put his sister through, begging him to give it to her as he finally dies. Frustrated at his lack of answers, Frank heads back to Isabela in the Hideout. Frank is forced to tell Isabela the news that Carlito is dead. She tries to compose herself, fight back the tears by continuing to work on the laptop, but Frank assures her that at the end he was only worried about his little sister. Despite this, Frank can’t hide his frustration at how they still don’t know anything. But after admitting to himself that despite being a terrorist, Frank could see he did love Isabela, so he hands her Carlito’s locket. She opens it, and starts crying when she finds a photo of her and Carlito as children, along with a photo of their parents. But it gives her an epiphany.


This word, meaning Mother Earth in the Andes, a word that is used in reverence in Santa Cabeza, is the password needed to access the laptop. Frank rushes back to the Security Room, hearing from Jessie that she’s finally gotten ahold of Homeland Security. But all of a sudden she calls back, with bad news: The government has decided to deny any knowledge of what has happened, and Special Forces will arrive at midnight to clear out the town of zombies AND survivors. A repeat of Santa Cabeza. And all Jessie can do is take off her glasses, and curl up in a ball on the futon. Now Frank has to rush back to the Security Room before it’s too late. However, before Frank gets there, two Special Forces soldiers arrive early to pick up Jessie. The boss of Homeland Security wanted Jessie brought in before the cleanup, and be taken into custody if she signs an agreement to never reveal what happened in Willamette, as the sole survivor. But while one of them is guarding the rooms of the other (50) survivors, he hears a ruckus in the monitor room. He goes in and finds Jessie ripping out the throat of the soldier with her teeth, now a zombie from when Barnaby attacked her. Getting to the air duct, Frank hears the gunfire, and nobody answers the radio. When he gets to the monitor room, all he finds are Jessie’s glasses and the dead soldiers. Finding the zombified Jessie, Frank puts her out of her misery, and finds all the survivors have vanished. On the desk, Frank finds a letter from Otis. He explains that the soldiers came in and started snatching the survivors, putting them in a giant helicopter, but when Jessie started fighting the soldiers, he led the survivors and stole the helicopter. With a minor pilot license, Otis can get the survivors to safety, but due to the chaos, he couldn’t wait for Frank, Isabela, or Jessie (Since he has no idea she turned). Otis hopes Frank won’t see him as a coward, and wonders if he’d like to share drinks with him if they ever meet again. Now with the Security Room rendered useless, Frank heads back to Isabela to hide from the incoming soldiers. When the soldiers arrive at midnight, they rapel into the mall and start shooting the zombies left and right. One prominent soldier sticks out, due to the massive scars across his face. At 10:00 AM, the gunfire finally stops, all of the zombies seemingly dead. Frank prepares to head out, but Isabela refuses to leave, telling him to save himself. Walking through the mall, Frank finds…Nothing. No zombies, no soldiers, just an empty mall devoid of life, and littered with dead bodies. Returning to the Security Room, Frank climbs up the flight of stairs he had come down three days beforehand, and sits on the helipad, waiting for Ed.

September 22nd, 2006
12:00 PM

Looking over the skyline, Frank sees no helicopter, and starts to walk back into the mall in despair. Unaware that Ed is watching from another roof with binoculars, Ed hops in and flies over to Frank. Hearing the helicopter, Frank starts to holler and celebrate, along with Ed since Frank getting the scoop means he’s getting paid. But all of a sudden, a zombie that had snuck onto the helicopter bites out Ed’s throat, causing him to crash into the clocktower at Leisure Park. Overcome with grief, Frank collapses to his knees, as zombies start lumbering towards him.


Still catatonic from watching his ride crash, Frank doesn’t even notice the zombie standing over him. When it goes to bite him, Isabela runs up and shoots it in the head. As she rushes to him, Frank passes out. Waking up in the hideout, Isabela explains that he collapsed, leading her to believe that somehow, Frank was infected with the virus. All he can do is laugh at the rotten luck, but Isabela assures that the time of infection varies from person to person, so him still being human means they still have time. But Frank is too despondent to care, the helicopter has crashed and now he has to wait for the inevitable, so he can’t see any silver lining. But Isabela has an idea: They can produce medicine, a suppressant drug with various items left in the mall as well as Queen Wasps, they could save Frank’s life.

September 22nd, 2006
8:00 PM

Not only are there zombies to deal with in the mall, but special forces soldiers, a helicopter over Leisure Park, and gun mounted drones. Frank will have 24 hours to collect the various items Isabela needs to save his life. The items needed are a Blender in the Food Court, a Camp Stove and Cold Spray in the sporting goods shop, Developing Solution at the camera shop, a First Aid Kid in the Pharmacy, a Magnifying Glass in the jewelry store, a Perfume Bottle in the cosmetics store, and Coffee Filters in the Security Room. Suddenly, at midnight, the power goes out in the whole mall. Isabela reveals this power outage took out the generators in the Hideout as well, forcing Frank to find a spare at the clock tower in Leisure Park, where Ed’s helicopter had crashed. Out of the crash is a gaping hole in the clocktower into some underground tunnels, with zombies crawling out of the hole, shoulder to shoulder. Unnerved by this, Frank grabs the Generator and returns all the items to Isabela. While waiting impatiently, Frank inquires about this drug she’s making. Mostly to figure out if she ever actually made it before. Isabela admits that Carlito had her synthesize a similar suppressant while working at the medical lab, though with synthetic hormones instead of extracted from the wasps like they’re doing now. Frank ponders if the plan was always him trying to save himself. Isabela counters that thinking, because Carlito didn’t bring the drug with him. Frank realizes something: Even if the drug works, he won’t be cured. Isabela confirms that, saying the process won’t permanently stop the parasites. With the supplies, all Isabela needs now are ten Queen Wasps. Anxious, Frank wonders how long the medicine will last, but all she can say is that it varies, maybe a year, maybe a week, they can’t know for sure. So Frank just groans, likening himself to “A walking, zombie, Timebomb.”

Timebomb. That word panics Isabela all of a sudden. Pouring over the laptop, Isabela explains that once the original drug was completed, Carlito opened an NPO for war orphans, 50 orphans that eventually got adopted, 50 doses prepared. Looking over a map, Frank realizes what she’s implying: All throughout the United States, there are 50 orphans, each of them likely infected and with a suppressant in them. So in a sense, there are 50 little zombie timebombs in America. Frank can’t figure out which is worse - that they don’t know for sure or that they can’t warn anyone. With this information, Frank heads off to get the ten Queens. When they are collected throughout the mall, Isabela creates a drug in a needle, which is quickly injected into Frank’s arm. Now all that’s left for the two is getting out of the city. Isabela points out that while isolating the hormone, she found a pheromone that disgusts the parasites. A perfume that repels zombies. Realizing what this means, Frank produces the idea that they head through the clocktower tunnel, since it seems to just go on beyond his sight, so with the spray they could walk through them. Isabela likes the idea, but warns there’s not enough supplies to waste it on experiments. Looking over the hole, Frank and Isabela head down, believing that the amount inside has to mean it leads somewhere. Walking through the tunnel the zombies just collapse around them, repulsed by the pair. However, deep into the tunnel, the spray starts to wear off. With it only working on one of them, Frank piggybacks Isabela further in. Luckily, they see a gate guarded by the last of the special forces soldiers, with a humvee with a minigun mounted to the back visible. Finding a lever on some railing, they manage to open the gate and in the chaos steal the humvee. Driving the car through a construction zone, they’re stopped by a tank. Mounting on the gun, Isabela starts shooting at the tank while Frank drives around it. But suddenly the tank just stops. It starts moving again, tipping the humvee onto its side. Opening the hatch of the tank is the scar faced soldier. Isabela is knocked out by the hood of the humvee, while Frank is knocked outside the car. The soldier points the cannon of the tank straight at Frank. The soldier, Brock, notes that in a situation where thoroughness can’t be guaranteed due to unknown enemy numbers, he commends Frank for his imagination in running and hiding. To him, “prey” like Frank are more stubborn to kill than zombies.

-->‘’’Frank West’’’: How much do you know about the zombies?\\
‘’’Brock Mason’’’: I commanded the Santa Cabeza cleanup operation… If we had fulfilled our mission then, we wouldn’t be needed here now to take care of this… ‘’incident’’.\\
‘’’Frank West’’’: That’s all it was to you, huh? A mission? What about those innocent people who had to pay for sins committed by our government and it’s inhuman research?\\
‘’’Brock Mason’’’: Our mistakes have not begun with this operation. Humanity… Has proven itself to be quite adept at making mistakes. Hell, it’s the only thing we truly excel at. Well, then. I’d say this mission isn’t quite over yet. Don’t you agree?

Suddenly, the tank cannon turns around, the auto targeting locking onto a horde of zombies, the last remnant of Willamette approaching. With Brock distracted, Frank rushes him and gets into a fist fight on the tank without any weapons. Luckily for Frank, the StrawNihilist is arrogant, giving to Frank the ability to beat him, eventually knocking him out into the crowd of zombies who rip him to shreds.

But things continue to look bleak. Isabela is sitting on the door of the humvee, and Frank is on a tank, surrounded by zombies. All Frank can do is scream in frustration.

After the credits, a line of text reveals that Frank West escaped Willamette with pertinent information regarding the Willamette Outbreak, which was a worldwide uproar that resulted in the US admitting partial responsibility for the Livestock Research program. However, no connection to Willamette was acknowledged. The Outbreak was written off as having been orchestrated by a fringe terrorist group (Which isn’t fully off the mark). Eventually, the events of Willamette faded from public minds as with all modern media. Worse, the authenticity of Carlito’s Timebomb Orphans has yet to be proven true or false.



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