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[[caption-width-right:350:'''Chief Ripley:''' [[TemptingFate This USStay versus USNay debate has been stained with blood, and we cannot allow a member of the Unified Nations to be killed on our watch!]]]]

The Bureau goes to Big Lake in Alaska, U.S., to accompany and protect Unified Nations representative Niilo Virtanen, who was supposed to perform an inspection in a weapons factory. There, Jack decides to dress up as Niilo and attend the inspection in his place while he stays in a chalet, but things unexpectedly go awry when Jack gets shot in the chest at the factory while Niilo gets killed while taking a bath in his room.

*AbsurdlyLongWait: Leila Malak tells you it will take about ''six months'' for her to inform the Unified Nations about SOMBRA, since she has to follow strict protocol about how things are dealt with.
*AssassinOutclassin: Horribly {{Subverted}}. After Jack gets hospitalized from his gunshot wound, it appears that at least you managed to protect Niilo from getting assassinated in the weapons factory, only for Ingrid to immediately deliver you the bad news about Niilo's death.
*AssassinationAttempt: Niilo Virtanen successfully gets assassinated by SOMBRA as part of their ploy to intensify the tension between the United States and the Unified Nations.
*AttackDrone: The victim was killed by being shot with a remote-controlled rifle that was being controlled by his killer while they were in the weapons factory personally shooting Jack.
*BeleagueredAssistant: Agrafena explains how she was nothing more than a gloried errand girl for Niilo than the senior assistant she's supposed to be, which made her regret getting a job as part of the Unified Nations since they didn't fight for the causes she wanted.
*BodyguardBetrayal: Niilo was murdered by Joel Heller, his own bodyguard, who had infiltrated the Unified Nations as a SOMBRA agent with the purpose of creating discord between the UN and the US.
*BoomHeadshot: How the victim was killed.
*TheBusCameBack: Agrafena Raskolnikova, who hadn't appeared since [[Recap/CriminalCaseWorldEditionCase18CountdownToMurder Case 18]], makes a return here as the victim's assistant.
*CassandraTruth: Leila Malak, the high commissioner from the Unified Nations who demands answers about Niilo's death, finds hard to believe the existence of SOMBRA since all of your fights against them have been mostly kept secret from other organizations.
-->'''Leila:''' So you're claiming that one of the top security agents at the UN was actually working for a criminal organization? I'm sorry, I don't buy that.
*CheatedDeathDiedAnyway: Just when it appeared that Niilo had evaded an assassination attempt after Jack got shot in his place, he ends up dying anyway due to the killer already knowing about the switche and using an AttackDrone to murder him from afar.
*ClassicalHunter: Maniitok Jones, an Alaskan native who likes to remind you that he's just a hunter and nothing else.
-->'''Maniitok:''' But I only kill for food and furs. Seals, whale, caribou... you know, food! I told you, I am a hunter.
*ColdSniper: The killer was present at the weapons factory to shot Jack from afar with a sniper rifle while also commanding a remote-controlled rifle to kill Niilo.
*ConspiracyTheorist: Travis Quaid, a radio show host you meet as a suspect here, is convinced that Niilo was visiting Alaska for more than an inspection at the weapons factory and accuses the Bureau of "hiding the truth". [[TheCuckoolanderWasRight Not that he's entirely wrong.]]
**Jonah remembers how Agrafena [[Recap/CriminalCaseWorldEditionCase16FastTrackToMurder built a bomb in Russia]] after you find another one in her belongings.
**When you discover SOMBRA's plan of pitting the United States and the Unified Nations against each other, Chief Ripley recalls how they also tried to create political unrest in [[Recap/CriminalCaseWorldEditionEuropeRegion Europe]] and [[Recap/CriminalCaseWorldEditionSaharaRegion the Middle East.]]
*ADayInTheLimelight: Jonah takes the spotlight in this case by accompanying you to the weapons factory with Jack in Chapter 1, becoming your partner for the entirety of Chapter 2, and helping you some more during the Additional Investigation.
*DeadlyBath: Niilo was killed while taking a jacuzzi bath in his chalet room.
*DecoyGetaway: While being killed in his place wasn't exactly part of Jack's plan, he still gets shot with a bullet supposedly aimed at Niilo in the weapons factory, though it doesn't manage to do anything as Niilo still gets murdered by other means.
*DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: Agrafena tells you that the reason why she decided to work for the Unified Nations was because she was looking for some way to change the world after her protests back in Russia failed to do so.
*DidntSeeThatComing: Turns out that informing Niilo's bodyguard about the plan of keeping him safe by sending Jack to the factory in his place was flawed from the very beginning, as said bodyguard was working for SOMBRA in the first place.
*DivideAndConquer: As it turns out, SOMBRA's plan of killing a UN representative in US soil was aimed at creating discord between both entities and put them against each other for this exact reason.
-->'''Carmen:''' Heller revealed that creating discord between the US and the UN is just a step in SOMBRA's bigger plan: divide and conquer!
*HonestCorporateExecutive: In a nice subversion from all the {{Corrupt Corporate Executive}}s often seen in Criminal Case, Kara Naylon, the CEO of the Bearing Straight weapons company, is shown to be completely honest and non-malicious, even if she's supporting the [=USNay=] movement.
*LetsYouAndHimFight: Joel admits that the reason why SOMBRA ordered him to murder Niilo on US territory is because SOMBRA is aiming to create discord and pit the Unified Nations against the United States.
-->'''Joel:''' Who do you think the Unified Nations will blame for this murder? [[CassandraTruth A mythical organization nobody's heard of?]] Or homegrown US radicals?
-->I gave SOMBRA what it wanted: the tensions between the US and the Unified Nations are now at breaking point!
*TheMole: Joel Heller, the United Nations Security Officer and Niilo's bodyguard, is revealed to be a SOMBRA agent.
*NeverMyFault: After you learn the news about Niilo's death, Joel Heller decides to blame the Bureau for his murder due to their intrusion with UN affairs despite the fact that Joel was supposed to be bodyguarding him in the first place. {{Justified}}, though, since he's a SOMBRA agent and the killer in the first place-
*NotHisBlood: During the investigation, you find the victim's t-shirt covered in blood, but an analysis reveals that it actually belongs to seals. As it turns out, Maniitok threw it at him due to Niilo and the Unified Nations wanting to ban the hunting of seals, which Maniitok saw as an attack against his people.
*ObstructiveBureaucrat: Leila Malak asks you for irrefutable proof regarding SOMBRA then informs you at it will take her ''six months'' to inform the Unified Nations about the whole ordeal due to protocols despite the threat they posses to the world.
*OnlyAFleshWound: ''Very'' {{Subverted}}. After Jack gets shot, he gets to spend the entirety of the case hospitalized, and only manages to recover near the end of the Additional Investigation.
*SecondLove: During the Additional Investigation, you find a song written by Lars that, after being examined by Marina, allows her to deduce he's completely over Angela now and now apparently has his mind on someone else.
*SheCleansUpNicely: Agrafena goes from looking [[ like this]] to [[ this]] since you last saw her.
-->'''Carmen:''' Looks like Agrafena cleaned up and got a real job at the Unified Nations...
*ShipTease: One between Lars and Jack, no less, from Lars writing a song about getting over Angela and finding someone else to Jack being worried sick because Lars is not visiting to the hospital. Lars even asks you to bring his daughters to the station while he stays alone with Jack to "pack his stuff".
-->'''Marina:''' It looks like Lars and Jack have a couple of personal things to figure out...
*ShoutOut: Kara Naylon is a parody of Sara Palin, and her company "Bearing Straight" referencing the Bering Strait.
*TrickBomb: Just like she did [[Recap/CriminalCaseWorldEditionCase16FastTrackToMurder back in Russia]], Agrafena decided to build a bomb to scare Niilo so he could get things together, as she saw his inspection on a weapons factory as a betrayal of the peace she had been fighting for.
*WeNeedToGetProof: During the Additional Investigation, Leila Malak asks for proof regarding SOMBRA and their supposed involvement in Niilo's death, otherwise she'll have to blame the United States extremists in favor of the [=USNay=] movement like SOMBRA wants it.
*WildCard: Carmen calls Agrafena this, as she somehow went from being a borderline terrorist rebel in Russia to now working as an Unified Nations assistant.
*WorthIt: Joel says this during his trial, as he accomplished his mission of killing an Unified Nations representative in US soil and increase the rift between them, furthering advancing SOMBRA's plans.
*WrongNameOutburst: Jonah accidentally calls Jack by his name when he gets shot at the weapons factory before quickly correcting it to "Mr. Virtanen".

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