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History Recap / BullS4E20Wrecked

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'''Season 4, Episode 20'''

Directed by Dennis Smith\\
Written by Nichole Millard




* DiplomaticImpunity: The diplomat's daughter is covering for her friend, believing that this will protect her.

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While Taylor and her life-long friend, Caroline, spend a night out on the town for their annual get-together, Caroline is struck by a Lamborghini Urus driven by a rich, underage-drinking, diplomat's daughter. When Caroline doesn’t make it through surgery, leaving her 12 year old son orphaned, Taylor wants to take the matter to court. Although the immunity agreement prohibits a manslaughter trial, TAC is able to bring a civil suit. During the investigation, it becomes evident the diplomat's daughter is protecting her friend who was actually driving and does not have the same privileges of diplomatic immunity.

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