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History Recap / BullS2E1SchoolForScandal

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Directed by Creator/VincentMisiano

Written by Creator/GlennGordonCaron, Creator/SarahHHaught, Creator/MarissaMatteo, & Creator/HPark



** AbsenceOfEvidence: The key factor turns out to be a lack of fingerprints on the gun supposedly used in self-defense; the woman had worn gloves when handling both it and the knife she stabbed herself with.

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'''Season 2, Episode 1'''
!! School for Scandal

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[[Recap/BullS1E4Callisto Diana Lindsay returns]], representing a woman that shot her rich old husband and claimed it was in self-defense, and asks for Bull's assistance. Bull, however, has instead agreed to represent the deceased husband's interests in court, surmising that the woman's own wounds were self-inflicted and her motivation was merely greed. Challenge arises when a juror that Bull thought was perfect for foreperson turns out to be from Callisto, and thus will remain biased towards Lindsay until damning evidence arises.



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