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->'''Will:''' The Archive Of Conquest and Torment. This place has it all... literally. Objects with [[AndIMustScream imprisoned souls]] are scattered everywhere. [[MagicalLibrary Magic library]]? Take your pick, there's fifty of them. [[Film/TwoThousandAndOneASpaceOdyssey Evolution-propelling]] [[TheMonolith monoliths]]? Third floor, next to the unicorn horn tumbler set. [[Myth/ClassicalMythology Golden Fleece]]? I've got rolls of it, let's make snuggles. [[TomeOfEldritchLore Necronomicon]]? I've got it in hard and soft cover. [[Myth/NorseMythology Thor's Hammer]]? I've got his whole tool box. Fine lines getting you down? [[FountainOfYouth The Fountain of]]-
->'''Margaret:''' Willy! We ''get'' it!
-->--''[[Creator/ImageComics Maestros]]''

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