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-->--'''James''', ''WebAnimation/TheOdd1sOut'', "Growing up Without Cable"


-->--'''James''', ''WebAnimation/TheOdd1sOut'', "Growing up Without Cable"Cable"

->'''Bud:''' Gideon Charles Gleeful, clean up your room this instant!
->'''Gideon:''' ''I CAN BUY AND SELL YOU, OLD MAN!''
->'''Bud:''' …Fair enough.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls''

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->''"Now you might be thinking 'James, this kid is four years old. Of course he's gonna be a brat'. And I agree. But a big problem with WesternAnimation/{{Caillou}} isn't the fact that he's a brat, but it's with his spineless parents. Caillou's mom just lets him get away with everything. Whenever I misbehaved, you know what happened to me? I had to go sit in the time-out corner. You know what happens to Caillou? Nothing! Not ''once'' does Caillou ever get ''punished''. It's always his ''mom'', who's always being like 'Caillou, what you said wasn't very nice. Now go behave, okay?'"''
-->--'''James''', ''WebAnimation/TheOdd1sOut'', "Growing up Without Cable"

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