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->''(Archer and T'Pol walk into the command center on Enterprise and suddenly find themselves in Detroit, Michigan, in 2004)''\\
'''T'Pol:''' We just traveled ninety light-years back to Earth.\\
'''Archer:''' And a hundred and fifty years into the past.
-->--''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'', "Carpenter Street"

Added DiffLines:

->All of a sudden it was quiet. No car horns, no stereos, no sirens. His phone had stopped ringing. It was bitter cold, and his fingers were numb. Turn back or go on. He squeezed farther in through a hedge, closing his eyes and squinching up his face against the scratchy twigs. He stumbled over something, an old stone. He felt suddenly nauseous. He was sweating.
->When he opened his eyes again he was standing on the edge of a huge, wide, perfectly level green lawn surrounded by trees. The smell of ripe grass was overpowering. There was hot sun on his face. The sun was at the wrong angle. [[WeatherDissonance And where the hell were the clouds?]]

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