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One of the most well-known if not the most iconic things about the game is the player characters' hammy voice acting which would be weapons-grade {{Narm}} if it wasn't intentional.

[[folder:Squad Responses and Voice lines]]
-->"Oi'm troyin' to 'eal you, not shag you!"\\
"You're all fur coat an' no knickers, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitches]]!"\\
"Give us some bloody money, will ya?"\\
"Loads of money!\\
"Money money money!"
-->"It's raining money!"
-->"Dosh! Grab it while you can, lads.\\
"Dosh! Grab it while it's hot."\\
"Cha-ching! Money money money!"\\
"Who needed money?"\\
"Okay, cash here! Someone grab it."\\
"Who needs some wonga?"\\
"Cash here! Grab it all."\\
"Here's some cash, guys. Someone take it."

[[folder:The Trader]]
-->"I like the ''big'' ones. Don't you?"\\
"Lots of lovely guns, just waiting for you."\\
"You nearly made it; better get close to me!"\\
"You've nearly got them all! I want you close, babe."\\
"I'm ready and waiting! Watch where you are."\\
"Shop'll open soon lads, head this way."\\

[[folder:The Patriarch]]
-->"[[PreAssKickingOneLiner Look at you, running around like insects. I'll crush you like the pests you are!]]"\\
"Everything is so simple when you have a '''rocket launcher''' for an arm!"\\
"What are you, a bunch of lumberjacks?!"
->[[TheBerserker (If the players were using axes or chainsaws on The Patriarch)]]
-->"Who do you think you are, a bunch of ninjas?!"
->[[KatanasAreJustBetter (If the players were using katanas on The Partriarch)]]

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