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* While being a provocative series, it definitely shows a few scenes that are just frightening: Toys that have blades emerging from their bodies, the black monster Kain who seems to do almost anything including the ability to turn into a black dragon demon, an evil Jurai knight decaying rapidly into a skull-faced corpse [[SarcasmMode which you have can fun with being that it was shown every time ''Tenchi'' starts]], the earth being cut in half, Hotsuma turning into a monster, the eldritch-y dream realm (not the one with shards, but a weird black and white Picasso drawing type place) of Yugi, Kagato (especially his OVA incarnation), Ryoko's bestial form, and Sakuya being absorbed into Yugi against her will....Have fun with that.
** Let's elaborate on Kain. He's a writhing mass of dark energy with a sadistic personality, takes on a pure white mask with a SlasherSmile, and later turns into a monstrous dragon, demon, shark thing.... one of the first things he does when he lands on earth is rip a guy in half and throw him at a small group of teenagers. Sheesh.

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