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Tiny Toon Adventures: Defenders of the Universe is a Fighting Game that was being developed by Treasure and published by Conspiracy Entertainment for the Playstation 2 and was intended for release in mid-2002, with a Nintendo GameCube version seemingly also being in the works due to the game being listed in publication for Nintendo Power. However, despite development of the game being finished and it getting all the way to having an ESRB rating, box art and retail listings, it was cancelled for unknown reasons. A ROM of the game was eventually leaked online in February 25th, 2009 by a member of the Lost Levels internet forum, however, and is fully playable and completable.

The story begins not so long ago in a galaxy really not that far away, where a planet called the Gold Star in the jewel system is seen. The planet is made almost entirely out of gold, and is inhabited by a peace loving and technologically advanced alien race known as the Bullion people, who have lived there undisturbed for thousands of years. Unfortunately, the planet is soon attacked by goons known as Drizzletroopers, attempting to conquer, ravage, loot and pillage it for their Galactic Overlord (Evil Max, a version of Montana Max with red hair and a vampire-like appearance, who is classed as a separate playable character in the game despite being the same person). Most of the Bullions are captured by the Incapacitator Frequency Machines the Drizzletroopers set up, but two particular Bullions, Zig and Zag, manage to escape to Earth to seek assistance to defeat the Drizzletroopers and save the Gold Star. They land near Acme Looniversity, and the game begins as Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton arrive for school.


This game is notable for having the entire surviving cast of the show return to reprise their roles as the characters, with Charlie Adler returning to voice Buster Bunny for the first time since the third season of show, and the final time Joe Alaskey would voice Plucky Duck before his death. Hamton, who's voice actor, Don Messick, passed away before the game, is instead voiced by Billy West in it. This game was also the final piece of Tiny Toon Adventures media produced before Tiny Toons Looniversity was announced. In terms of gameplay, the game plays similarly to Rakugaki Showtime, a Japanese-exclusive PS1 fighting game that was also developed by Treasure. The player starts out with Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton, but as they progress through the Adventure Mode of the game and do several playthroughs, they'll unlock more and more characters to play as, including most of the main cast of the show (yes, that includes Fifi), Maximus Flush, and several mooks, though it's worth noting that playing as anybody other than the main four in Adventure Mode will automatically skip most of the cutscenes. Each character can grab and throw objects and enemies as their main form of attack (with the exception of the flying characters, who instead shoot lasers), and have their own special move that can be used at will.


This game provides examples of:

  • Apologetic Attacker: Hamton says "Sorry!" when he throws an object or enemy.
  • Attack Reflector: Guarding at the exact moment before an attack hits you will reflect it back at the enemies instead. If the projectile that gets reflected is Zig or Zag, they'll become bigger and do extra damage to the enemy.
  • Be the Ball: This happens to any character who gets grabbed.
  • Beating A Dead Player: Bosses in Adventure Mode who leave bodies or players in Versus Mode can still be hit by attacks when lying on the ground after being defeated.
  • Bonus Boss: Evil Max, who can only be fought if you obtain specific power-ups hidden through the game. Defeating him gives you infinite money raining from the ceiling of his room (the timer is still ticking, though), and the good ending after you defeat Maximus Flush for the second time.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Fifi does this when she uses her special. "Le odor of love!"
  • Cassandra Truth: Throughout the beginning of the game until they get to the spaceship, Shirley warns the main four that she has seen the future, and that if they help the Bullions, the Earth will be doomed, eventually summoning Fifi and Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong to try to stop them when they dismiss her. It turns out she is right, because while they are away at the Gold Star shutting down the Incapacitator Frequency Machine factory, the Drizzletroopers turn their attention to Earth, conquering it before they get back.
  • Charged Attack: Buster and Maximus Flush's specials are an energy ball that takes a while to fully charge. When fully charged, it deals massive damage to anything it directly hits, usually sending them sliding across the ground some distance, and creates a large explosion out from where it hits that will do rapid damage to anything caught in it until it disappears or they get dizzy. They can also fire it early, but it will do less damage and won't create an explosion.
  • City of Gold: The Gold Star, which is a planet made almost entirely out of gold.
  • Co-Op Multiplayer: The game allows for up to four players to play through the Adventure Mode together or fight each other in Versus Mode.
  • Collapsing Lair: After defeating Maximus Flush for the first time, the Mothership's self destruct is activated, giving you either 300 seconds (if you are on the path to the bad ending) or 500 seconds (if you are on the path to the good ending) to get to the docking bay, defeat Maximus Flush again (as well as Evil Max if you are on the path to the good ending) and escape. If the time runs out, it's an instant game over, regardless of how many continues you have.
  • Cruelty Is the Only Option: At the beginning of the pyramid level, you are forced to fight and defeat Fifi, who is only trying to stop the main four from making a serious mistake as she believes Shirley's prediction to be true. Even though Babs (her best friend) and Hamton (who has been shown to have feelings for her) are present, they don't even try to talk her out of it.
  • Degraded Boss: The first Tony is the boss of Acme Looniversity. After you get to the Gold Star, you start encountering more as regular enemies.
  • The Dragon: Maximus Flush to Evil Max.
  • Escape Sequence: Garbage trucks will chase you at two points once you return to the conquered Earth after the Gold Star, instantly killing you if they come in contact.
  • Flunky Boss: Several.
    • The Gremloid Leader has several regular Gremloids in the arena before him, who need to be defeated before he will fight you himself.
    • Fifi has Egyptians that will come out of the sphinx in the back of the arena to assist her, and the sphinx itself will occasionally fire lasers and lightning at you.
    • Maximus Flush has Tonys fighting alongside him in his first fight, along with a strange green holographic giant brain thing that shoots sound waves like Babs's special. In his second fight as the Final Boss, he has Drizzletroopers and turrets in the room assisting him.
    • Evil Max has infinitely-respawning red Drizzletroopers fighting alongside him.
  • Fragile Speedster: Furrball, who's health is on the lower end, but is very fast, with his special making him even faster at the cost of some of his health.
  • Freeze Ray: The Slug Captain and Evil Max have them as their specials (or part of it in the latter's case), it being in an exclusive attack for the latter that his "good" version doesn't have.
  • Giant Mook: The Tonys and Golems, who can't be played as in Adventure Mode, only Versus, have Super Armor and damage anything they dash into.
  • Griping About Gremlins: The Gremlins from "Journey to the Center of Acme Acres" show up as enemies in the tunnels and at one point in the Mothership, renamed as Gremloids.
  • Ground Pound: Hamton's special is a homing butt stomp, that can only be avoided by guarding at the right time or something getting between him and his target. The Gremloids also have a variant of this with their weapons.
  • Guide Dang It!: Getting the good ending is this, as it requires finding specific power-ups hidden throughout the game with a certain amount of coins required to obtain. Even if you have noticed them and grabbed them, you'd likely be unaware that they are required to get the good ending. These items are a compass, which costs 2500$ and will appear on the screen and point you to the exit of each part of the game, meat, which costs 2000$ and will give you a full heal, a looking glass, which costs 5000$ and will show you the health of enemies above their heads, and finally a stone WB logo, which costs a whopping 10000$ and permanently reduces the damage you take from enemies. After that, Sweetie Bird Eggs will appear where these items normally would be if you missed them at spots earlier in the game, which aren't required for the good ending, but will give you an extra continue for 5000$. Lampshaded by Babs and Hamton.
    Hamton: Hey, you know these keys we've been collecting the whole time without really knowing why or what they do?
    Babs: Yes?
    Hamton: Well I have a funny feeling they open this door right here.
    Babs: How do you know THAT?!
    Hamton: I read the strategy guide!
  • Heel–Face Turn: Montana Max begrudgingly pulls this off after being betrayed by Maximus Flush.
  • Hero Antagonist: Fifi tries to stop the characters from entering the pyramid, and the player is forced to defeat her to proceed. You are given the option to free her when she's imprisoned on the spaceship, though, and it pays off.
  • Home-Run Hitter: Gremloids use their weapons as baseball bats when guarding or throwing objects/enemies.
  • Idle Animation: If you leave the characters standing still for long enough, they'll eventually yell at you to get a move on.
  • I Resemble That Remark!: Lampshaded before the fight with Fifi.
    Fifi: (To Plucky) Hmph. Talk to the tail, you chauvinist pig!
    Hamton: No need to get personal!
  • Joke Character: The Flying Gunner, which is slow, has health so low that enemies can kill it by looking at it funny, no guard or dash, a very slow-firing singular laser as it's normal attack, and bombs as it's special that, while they can do some damage, take a few seconds to reach the ground, so enemies can easily get out of the way of them before they hit.
  • King Mook: The Gremloid Leader, who is much larger and more durable than the other Gremloids, and his special sends out damaging shockwaves when it hits the ground.
  • Knockback: You and enemies will get knocked down and slide across the ground when hit by explosives or certain attacks like Buster and Maximus Flush's specials.
  • Lone Wolf Boss: Fifi and Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong are this, as they aren't aligned with Evil Max, instead fighting the main four for Shirley to try to stop them from reaching the spaceship and her prediction of Earth being doomed from them helping the Bullions coming true.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Babs's special attack is her pulling out a megaphone and screaming through it, creating sound waves in front of her that will damage and dizzy any enemy caught in them.
  • Metronomic Man Mashing: Elmyra has this as her special, charging at the targeted enemy and grabbing them before slamming them into the ground repeatedly if they come in contact with her. She can't jump while using it, though, so if the target stays in the air until she stops charging, they are safe.
  • Mighty Glacier: Hamton and the Golems, who have a lot of health and Super Armor in the latter's case, but are very slow.
  • Multiple Endings: The game has a bad ending and a good ending, depending on if you got the hidden power-ups and defeated Evil Max or not.
    • In the bad ending, as the main four, Zig and Zag escape the Mothership, Evil Max appears in his own ship and shoots them down as they are flying back to Earth, causing all the treasure they had to fly out into space, and then flies away, vowing he'll be back and with more Drizzletroopers. They crash at Acme Looniversity, with Zig and Zag being stranded on Earth due to the spaceship being destroyed. To make matters worse, Elmyra then shows up, and chases the main four and them away, with the screen fading to black and the credits rolling.
    • In the good ending, they manage to successfully make it back to Earth, with Zig and Zag thanking the main four for helping them defeat the Drizzletroopers, freeing the Gold Star and getting their treasure back, and them thanking them in return for helping them defeat Max and freeing Acme Acres. They then leave, with it turning out Plucky stole some of the treasure for himself. However, Gremloids then pop out of the hole left in the ground by the Tony at the beginning of the game, attracted to the treasure Plucky has on him, with him having to throw it away to get them off their tail. After Plucky complains about it and says he'll have to hide it better, Buster kicks Plucky into the screen as the screen fades to black and the credits roll.
  • Mummy: These appear as extremely slow-moving enemies in the pyramid. Like Tony and the Golem, they can't be played as in Adventure Mode, only Versus, probably because of said low speed making it impossible to complete the game as them due to the time limit.
  • Nepharious Pharaoh: Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong, who Shirley calls to try to stop the main four at the end of the pyramid, acting as the boss for it.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: A Tony disguises himself as Bugs Bunny by painting his body silver and wearing a rabbit mask and ears to try to get information from the students at Acme Acres about the Bullions. Babs sees through it pretty quickly.
  • Random Effect Spell: Montana Max's special can either summon metal barriers in front of him to guard attacks, a limousine to run over enemies or weights from the sky to crush them. Evil Max's version adds giant freeze rays that strike around the area as an additional effect.
  • Roaring Rapids: The second part of the Gremloid tunnels has you riding a raft down some rapids as Gremloids show up on other rafts to attack you. Falling into the water will quickly drain your health.
  • Robot Me: The Mech versions of the main four.
  • Running on All Fours: Fifi does this when she dashes.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: After returning to the Earth once it has been taken over by the Drizzletroopers and getting captured soon after, the main four escape with the help of Montana Max, recently betrayed by Maximus Flush, who has modified the spaceship into a time machine, and they use it to go back to the beginning of the invasion of Earth to stop it before it even begins.
  • Shock and Awe: Shirley shoots a bolt of lighting at enemies as her special, and Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong summons bolts of lightning down for his attacks.
  • Shockwave Stomp: The Gremloid Leader and Golems have this as their special.
  • Shout-Out: Several to Zero Wing.
    • In the intro, when Maximus Flush reports to Evil Max after invading the Gold Star, he says "Soon, all their base WILL belong to us!"
    • Zig's name itself is a reference to the ship of the same name.
    • When the self-destruct of the Mothership is activated, Buster says "Somebody set us up the bomb!"
    • Aside from the Zero Wing references, the first fight with Maximus Flush also has you fight a one-eyed giant green brain hologram that clearly resembles Mother Brain.
  • Spikes of Doom: One puzzle in the pyramid has you pressing buttons to lower a pit full of these so a Golem appears.
  • Spin Attack: Dizzy's special has him do his signature spin, damaging anything that comes in contact with him during it. However, he will get, well, dizzy, at the end of the attack.
  • Squashed Flat: This happens to characters when they get hit by stuff like Hamton and the Gremloids' specials, boulders, weights, etc. They'll either be flattened against the ground for a few seconds before popping back up, or be pancaked, the latter requiring them to shake around to get back to normal.
  • The Starscream: Maximus Flush, who betrays Montana Max after conquering the Earth and kicks him out of the mothership, taking control of the Drizzletroopers for himself.
  • Teleport Spam: Instead of dashing like the other characters, Shirley instead instantly teleports to whatever you have her dash to.
  • Underground Level: The Gremloid tunnels.
  • Unique Enemy: One optional room of the Mothership has Mech versions of the main four in tubes, who have increased stats and no voice clips. Defeating them unlocks them as playable characters.
  • Vocal Evolution: Compared to Toonenstein - Dare to Scare,note  Hamton sounds less congested and more upbeat in the way he talks.
  • Video Game Caring Potential: On the way from escaping Maximus Flush's prison, you'll see Fifi, Shirley, Furrball, Dizzy, Elmyra and a Vagrant locked in cells. While the time limit is strict, you can collect the keys in the room and free them before you escape, and they'll give you power-ups in return.
  • The Walls Are Closing In: One optional route in the Mothership has blocks of garbage falling from conveyor belts into a pit. If you fall down into the pit, you'll have to get past some compactors to exit the room, which will kill you instantly if you get crushed by them.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Maximus Flush pulls this on Montana Max after conquering the Earth, stating that the riches there are more than enough for the Drizzletroopers to keep their galactic conquest going, with his mansion alone having enough wealth to sustain them for years.