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This is a story full of obsession, suicide and corpses, so the scary stuff is even worse because of how brutally ''real'' it gets.

* The premise. An otherworldly figure is taking advantage of an odd form of fortune-telling to answer these serious questions with answers that drive the girls asking to suicide. That's not even getting into the supernatural-compulsion elements of it.
* The Pretty Boy himself is pretty spooky, being much too tall and unsettlingly beautiful, seemingly without a trace of humanity in his being.
* The decline of Reishi and the other affected girls is haunting enough, but when they remain as corpse spirits in town, still bound by twisted love, it gets horrifying. Ito can draw the realistically scary just as well as the surreal, so it happens.
* The incident that started it all: [[spoiler: A woman carrying a child commits suicide because the first person to pass by just happened to be a petulant kid who didn't understand the gravity of the question from her end and accidentally drove her to her death. He feels responsible for the chaos years later.]]
* Midori being told to hate Ryuusuke for the rest of her life creates a plausibly hateful and abusive dynamic.

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