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[[caption-width-right:350:''How did I [[AlbumTitleDrop slip]] into this?'']]

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''The Slip'' is the seventh studio album by Music/NineInchNails, released in 2008. One of the first releases on frontman Trent Reznor's then-newly-formed independent label The Null Corporation, the album's production was a deviation from the painstaking perfectionism that characterized past works. It was recorded in three weeks, and was originally intended to be an EP before becoming the full-length album it is now. The album was released as a free download under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license on May 5, a couple weeks after it was finished, with a physical release out on July 22. ''The Slip'' has since been downloaded over 2 million times, and has sold at least 112,000 physical copies in the United States.

While the original website used to promote the album is no longer available, a mirror (where you can still legally download it for free) can be accessed [[ here]].

!! Tracklist:
# "999,999" (1:25)
# "1,000,000" (3:56)
# "Letting You" (3:49)
# "Discipline" (4:19)
# "Echoplex" (4:45)
# "Head Down" (4:55)
# "Lights in the Sky" (3:29)
# "Corona Radiata" (7:34)
# "The Four of Us Are Dying" (4:37)
# "Demon Seed" (4:59)

!! Personnel:
* Trent Reznor: vocals, most instruments
* Robin Finck: guitar
* Josh Freese: drums
* Alessandro Cortini [[note]] Cortini has stated that he didn't contribute to the album, but is credited as a performer anyway. He does, however, perform on the DVD included with the physical release. [[/note]]
* Atticus Ross: programming
!! Tropes in the Sky:
* AlbumIntroTrack: "999,999".
* AteHisGun: "1,000,000":
--> Put the gun\\
In my mouth\\
Close your eyes\\
Blow my [[PrecisionFStrike fuckin']] brains out
** According to one interpretation, the artwork for "Head Down" depicts this.
* CallBack: The Art is Resistance logo from the Music/YearZero ARG reappears in the artwork for "Letting You".
* EpicRocking: "Corona Radiata" (7:34). It even used to be the longest original song in the main Nine Inch Nails discography, until Add Violence's "The Background World" (11:44).
* FourIsDeath: "The '''Four''' of Us Are Dying".
* MinisculeRocking: "999,999" (1:25).
* NonAppearingTitle: "999,999", "Echoplex", "Corona Radiata", "The Four of Us Are Dying", and "Demon Seed"; half the album consists of these.
* OneWordTitle: "Discipline" and "Echoplex".
* ProtestSong: "Letting You".
* QuieterThanSilence: The majority of "Corona Radiata" is ambient noise until the last couple of minutes.
* TheShutIn: "Echoplex" appears to be about one, with lyrics like "I'm safe in here" and "You will never ever get to me in here".
* SpiritualSuccessor: Can be seen as one to ''Ghosts I-IV''. Both albums were initially planned to be [=EPs=], released for free under a Creative Commons license, have pictures associated with each song, and were recorded/released within a few months of each other.
* SplashOfColor: The album cover is entirely in black and white, with the exception of the red stripe near the top.
** This applies to most of the artwork associated with the songs, each being colored in shades of gray except for a thin red line (or lines). [[note]] The artwork for "1,000,000", "Lights in the Sky", and "The Four of Us Are Dying" all lack a red line. The artwork for "Demon Seed" doesn't apply either, as it is ''mostly'' red lines. [[/note]]
* StopAndGo: "1,000,000" features one not too long before the actual end of the song.
* TextlessAlbumCover
* TheTheTitle: Applies to both the album itself and "The Four of Us Are Dying".
* TitleByNumber: "999,999" and "1,000,000".
* TogetherInDeath: The chorus of "Lights in the Sky" seems to imply this:
--> Watching you drown\\
I'll follow you down\\
I am here right beside you\\
The lights in the sky\\
Have finally arrived\\
I am staying right beside you\\

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