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* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: The [[ BarlowGirl and Superchick Live Tour promotional video]]: "It's the [=BarlowGirl=] and Superchick Live Tour, featuring [=BarlowGirl=], and Superchick [] and Superchick and [=BarlowGirl=], featuring [=BarlowGirl=] and Superchick. It's the [=BarlowGirl=] and Superchick Live Tour!

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* AbandonedHospital: The "Never Alone" music video was filmed at the abandoned Metro General Hospital in Nashville, TN. Lauren Barlow was terrified after she claimed to hear loud knocking on a window.

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* PointAndClickGame: The websites for the first two albums are designed like this. The website's Helpful Hints indicate: "When in doubt, just click on something and see if it takes you somewhere."

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!! [=BarlowGirl=] provides examples of the following tropes:
[[AC:Musician Tropes]]
* AutoTune: The band used it since the debut album. "Average Girl", a fan favourite, is a good example of this.
** Averted during live performances.
* BandOfRelatives: All three band members are sisters.
* MoralGuardians: Historically, the sisters have not only denounced pornography, but also any sort of attire they do not deem to be modest. As Lauren Barlow recounts, "No bellies, cleavage, butts, short shorts or skirts, bikinis or extremely tight clothing were allowed in the house."

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