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''Washio Sumi is a Hero'' is a 2014 prequel novel to ''Anime/YukiYunaIsAHero''. The novel takes place two years prior to the anime and features a different trio of [[MagicalGirl Heroes]]: Sumi Washio, Sonoko Nogi, and Gin Minowa.

The novel ran concurrent to the original anime. It goes into depth on things that are discussed in the later half of the series. The novels later received a ComicBookAdaptation in 2014 as well as an AnimatedAdaptation in the form of ''Washio Sumi Chapter''. The anime was originally aired as three films before airing on television as the six episodes of ''Yuki Yuna Is A Hero'''s second season.

!!''Washio Sumi is a Hero'' provides examples of:

* AdaptationExpansion: The ''Washio Sumi Chapter'' movie trilogy expands the plot of the original novel it was based on by adding more scenes relevant to the story and to the main trio's relationship as well as by giving their once unnamed teacher a name that possibly connects her to one of the characters from the ''Nogi Wakaba'' novels in the adaptation.
* AsleepInClass: Sonoko falls asleep in class a lot. Her introduction scene involves her awaking during class.
* BittersweetEnding: The series ends on a bittersweet note, with an emphasis on "''bitter''". Gin is [[spoiler:dead]], Washio is [[spoiler:amnesiac and paralyzed]], and Sonoko is [[spoiler:forced out of elementary school and bedbound with several physical impairments]]. However, it does end with [[spoiler:Yuna meeting Togo]].
* CallForward: The anime contains several to ''Anime/YukiYunaIsAHero'':
** Sonoko tells Washio that she should learn to pull pigeons out of her hat. Togo was shown doing this with doves.
** Washio mentions "alpha waves" while moving her hand, just like Togo did.
** The scene where [[spoiler:Washio realizes she can't move her legs]] mirrors the scene where Yuna realizes the same thing.
** At the end, Sonoko leaving Washio to fight parallels when [[spoiler:Yuna did the same thing to her]].
** Sonoko gives Washio a ribbon which [[spoiler:she wears even as Togo, despite not understanding why]].
* ChildSoldiers: Gin, Sonoko, and Washio are eleven year olds who are chosen to fight for the world's safety. Their lives are on the line each time they fight.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment:
** Washio's intro, including helping make her family breakfast, shows that she's a responsible and [[{{Ojou}} rich]] girl with some traditionalist views.
** Sonoko falls asleep in class and wakes up abruptly, showing that she's laidback.
** Gin rushes to class [[LateForSchool after the teacher already arrives]], foreshadowing that she's reckless and HotBlooded.
* EvolvingCredits: The outros change throughout the episodes.
* ForegoneConclusion: ''Washio Sumi Chapter'' came out three years after the original anime ended. Fans who watched it know that [[spoiler:Sonoko will end up bed-bound]] and [[spoiler:Washio will both lose her memories and end up in a wheelchair]].
* FreezeFrameBonus: In the second episode, Washio's internet history consists of searches on how to make friends in elementary and on the history of Japanese navel ships.
* KidHero: The three girls are all eleven year olds {{Magical Girl Warrior}}s who protect their island. However, they're [[spoiler:closer to being ChildSoldiers considering what being a Hero entails]].
* MagicalGirlGenreDeconstruction: The characters are elementary schoolers who fit the requirements to become Heroes. However, being a Hero isn't as pleasant as it initially seems. By the end of the series [[spoiler:Gin is dead and her two friends are traumatized]].
* MagicalGirlWarrior: Magical Girls are called "Heroes" and they work together in teams.
* MsFanservice: Washio gets the most fanservicey TransformationSequence.
* NamedByTheAdaptation: Aki-sensei was originally only referred to as the girls' teacher in the original light novel.
* PatrioticFervor: Washio is obsessed with Japanese history, Japan's military achievements, and staying traditionally Japanese. She even wants to be a historian some day. Her comedically patriotic nature is PlayedForLaughs.
* ShipTease: It's implied that [[PuppyLove Washio likes both Sonoko and Gin]] (especially Sonoko), but her friends feelings are more vague.

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