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''Misplaced Dungeon'' is a [[RPGMechanicsVerse LitRPG]] WebSerialNovel available [[ here]].

In the vast multiverse, a group of four worlds have been under new divine management for a while, and things are going badly - embarrassing enough for the Gods in charge. In order to fix the problems, they decide to seed these worlds with pliable [[ADungeonIsYou Dungeon Cores]] to generate much-needed resources. And there happens to be a world nearby with plenty of up-for-grabs atheists you can soul-nap and mind-wipe...

Predictably, things start going wrong within minutes of this plan being enacted, and soon Earth sees Dungeonized citizens coming home and setting up shop, leading to political upheaval on a global scale...

!! 'Misplaced Dungeon'' contains examples of the following tropes:
* ADungeonIsYou - the protagonist and many others.
* DivineDelegation - there's apparently a hierarchy of Gods, some of which are young and/or rather stupid, and news are still filtering upwards...
* RPGMechanicsVerse - the case on the fantasy worlds - and, increasingly, on Earth.

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