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''Bunkercore'' is a post-apocalyptic Science Fiction series by Andrew Seiple.

Wynne, the protagonist, wakes up as an amnesiac disembodied mind in control of a near-ruined military base and its nanotech tools. His superior promises him his memories back if he manages the base.

Unfortunately, this means fighting tooth-and-nail against nano-goo-infested monsters, cultist marauders and building safety codes... And the boss isn't looking all that trustworthy, either...

!! ''Bunkercore'' contains examples of:
* ADungeonIsYou - a rare sci-fi example.
* GreyGoo - various nanotech-infected beasts wander as monsters in the wilderness.
* NoOSHACompliance - subverted; the reason Wynne has to design his base with a clear path to his core is because hardcoded health-and-safety routines. He tries to rules-lawyer it when he can - for example, he must provide an elevator to the next floor, but it doesn't specifically say that it must be large enough for a human...

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