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* Gast and Ifalna deciding to take Sephiroth in after he finds out that Vincent (who had just left) is his father. Ifalna, who was initially reluctant due to Shinra no doubt turning over every nook and cranny to find their star project, makes it official. "Welcome home, Sephiroth."
* Seph with young Aeris in the side fic "Early Years". Barret lampshades it:
-->'''Barret''': You know, when we play Capture the Flag, you're like a general out there, but when it comes to that baby, you're a total pushover.
* Chapter 16 of ''Life Renewed, Love Renewed'' has Aeris and Seph have a heart-to-heart about her seemingly overwhelming responsibilities, assuring her that she doesn't have to take them on by herself.

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