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History Heartwarming / ShadowsOfGiants

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Added DiffLines:

* The fact the Kaiju are treated with genuine respect.

Added DiffLines:

* Kenji standing up for Fluttershy.

* When Twilight and the remaining Mane 5 and Spike are about to touch the stone that sucked Fluttershy into a portal, they are prepared to face it as friends.

* Sweetie Belle being told to hold her head up by her cousin Sparkler.

* Jade Springer's return.

* Shining Armor volunteering to join Twilight's journey to find Fluttershy

* Fluttershy being reunited with her friends.

* Kenji giving Fluttershy a CooldownHug.

* Kenji letting Fluttershy sleep with him during a thunderstorm.

* Fluttershy hugging Kenji as he's mourning over his father's grave.

* Kenji helping Fluttershy stand up.

* This quote:
--> "I know they seem like a handful, but that's what friends are at first. Sometimes, they get on each others' nerves and sometimes they connect almost immediately. Give them time."

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