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* One of Brody's conditions to returning to Remington Trust is to get a hug from Mansfield. Mansfield is initially uncomfortable but quickly warms to it. Hilariously, though, Brody has the opposite reaction.
* Mansfield gives Jenny a scholarship upon learning that she'd given up on her dreams of getting an education due to the cost. Jenny says that she sees Mansfield as a father figure and the two of them are so overcome with emotion that they have to sit down and cry.
* Brody is fretting over the fact that Jenny doesn't like musicals and wondering if their relationship can have a future if she can't appreciate something that's so important to him. Mansfield points out that Jenny forced herself to see ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'' twice just because Brody asked her to. Realizing this, Brody takes Jenny to the Imaginarium because she wants to even if he himself is uninterested.
** During the same conversation, Brody is equally worried about Jenny's disinterest in getting married. Mansfield urges Brody to stick it out because he'd been in the same situation before with a woman and ended up marrying her.

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