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Heartwarming moments in ''Fanfic/ChildrenOfAnElderGod'':
* After the FinalBattle [[spoiler:Misato takes Shinji, Asuka, Touji and Hikari in.]] When they warn her about being ostracized because them she says she could not care less about that because they are her kids.
* When [[spoiler:Shinji and Asuka are considering leaving forever they never think of parting ways.]] Later they walk away holding hands and you know they will be always together, not matter what.
* The narration stating that [[spoiler:Shinji, Asuka, Touji, Hikari and Misato WILL be together again someday]] lessens the sadness of the scene.
* After [[spoiler:several centuries. Ritsuko finally wakes up.]] And Maya has been waiting for her the whole time. Aww...

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